An Indian startup founded by boys from a small town in Tamil Nadu that went on to become a multibillion dollar enterprise

Isn't it fascinating how some start-ups rapidly expand to become the dominating brand in their industry? Moreover, do you not find it tremendously motivating and encouraging that people from lower-middle-class households formed a concept, implemented it, and created a million-dollar company so quickly?

An Indian startup founded by boys from a small town in Tamil Nadu that went on to become a multibillion dollar enterprise

I am aware that this may sound a little bit trite, but believe me when I say that the history of the leading drop-shipping brand "Printwear" ought to be known all over the world, and in particular to the individuals who are interested in investigating the sector of drop-shipping.

The Best Drop Shipping Brand

We are all familiar with the story of Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, which is now referred to as "Meta." However, have any of us ever considered the challenges that these companies faced in their early days? Those times when nobody believed the premise that Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs' aim behind founding Apple was to connect with people.

In a similar vein, two young men from Tamil Nadu named Santhosh and Sai, who came from families in the lower middle class and were not graduates of IIT or IIM, founded India's best drop-shipping brand known as Printwear Company and rapidly expanded the business from nothing to a million-dollar enterprise.

After researching numerous e-commerce businesses, the group found that the majority of the participants were unsuccessful throughout the process owing to overrates. The primary challenge that a great number of companies encounter is stocking their items, which involves a large financial expenditure. The opportunity cost of unsold inventory is the most significant obstacle for the vast majority of companies. By utilising the print-on-demand and drop-shipping concepts, Santhosh and Sai intended to aid the companies in cutting down on the costs associated with their inventory. On the other hand, there was not a single manufacturing company in India that offered a print-on-demand as well as a drop-shipping service. Printwear came into being around about this time.

Adversity Faced By Santhosh and Sai

"We were the core manufacturers who wanted to create our own fashion brand because we had considerable experience making knitted apparel," claimed the founders of Printwear. "We were the primary manufacturers who wanted to launch our own fashion brand." However, after conducting research into the fashion industry, we found that every single fashion firm has trouble keeping up with their inventory and must pay large expenditures for storage and warehousing.

This is the most important aspect of their company. They conducted study in their field and discovered that the most significant issue in the fashion business was related to the manufacture and warehousing of the products; yet, the two of them shared a same goal: to establish a brand that offers a solution to this issue.

In order to give clients more alternatives of what they could buy, the company's founders were required to continuously update the catalogue. In order to design a system that is capable of resolving the issue, this required a significant amount of study as well as analysis of the fashion business.

It took a significant initial investment as well as a lot of perseverance to finish the process because it required setting up the necessary equipment, storing it, and assembling a team of experts in all areas of the system (including IT, product development, designing, printing, production, quality, dispatch teams, and many more).

These were the initial challenges that they encountered, but their difficulties did not end here.

Now we come to the most difficult challenge that they had to face—Covid! After the viral epidemic, the majority of business owners have abandoned the concept of constructing a brand. The creators had only one objective in mind despite the fact that the entire world was still reeling from the disaster. As a direct consequence of this, shortly after COVID came to an end, they launched their own brand, Printwear, and immediately set about importing machinery and assembling a workforce. Printwear came into existence despite the fact that it was difficult for them to locate the most brilliant minds and urge them to construct a brand so soon after COVID. Nevertheless, they were successful in doing so.

Second, one of the most significant obstacles that they had to overcome was investment. After all, operating a drop shipping firm is not exactly a game for children. Only 10% of the brands that rely on drop shipping are successful across the world; the other 90% are miserable failures. Printwear was expected to always keep an inventory of more than 2 lakhs worth of merchandise maintained in their warehouse. Because the founders of the company had faith in the underlying business strategy, they have contributed a significant amount of capital and done everything they can to turn it into a successful enterprise.

In addition, the process of onboarding new companies was not an easy undertaking. They needed to assist the new businesses in comprehending the process and establishing a trustworthy relationship with Printwear. And show them that this is the most effective approach for fashion companies to decrease the costly expenditures associated with their inventory and storage space.

Current Position Of Printwear In The Market

Printwear was established in March 2021, and it gives fashion companies that sell online the ability to function without maintaining inventory or storage space. This frees up these companies to focus more on marketing and sales. Printwear provides assistance to brands by finishing orders using their merchant panel. And this is one of the primary reasons that has contributed to the phenomenal expansion of the brand! Large fashion firms such as Bewakoof have joined Printwear in order to fulfil orders under their own brand names while saving money on inventory and warehousing. This is made possible by the Print on Demand strategy, which is entirely responsible for the success of this endeavour.

To this day, more than one million goods have been successfully fulfilled all over India with the assistance of Printwear, which has helped more than one thousand two hundred fashion businesses succeed. To emphasise this point once again, the brand was introduced to the market only a few short months ago.

Since its founding in 2021, Printwear has been extremely successful, having successfully added more than 1200 fashion companies. Since then, neither the company nor its original founders have been able to go back on their decisions.

From a team of just two people, it has rapidly grown into a formidable group consisting of over 25 brilliant minds.


The market for printwear has grown significantly in a relatively short amount of time. While Printwear was thriving despite having to overcome a number of significant challenges, all of the other drop-shipping companies were falling flat on their faces. Printwear has successfully fulfilled more than 5 million products in just two years and has onboarded more than 1200 leading fashion brands from across India to work with them. This accomplishment was made possible by the great-mindedness of their team as well as the immense efforts put in by Santosh and Sai.

In ten years from now, the founder of Printwear has a vision to make the company the most successful drop-shipping brand in the entire world and to hold the majority of the shares in the print-on-demand and drop-shipping business in India.

Additionally, the present market value of customization for fashion businesses is approximately $29 billion, and it is anticipated that this value will reach $40 billion by 2026. By that time, Printwear will be one of the most prestigious brands available on the market.


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