The businesswoman Rachna proposes a new concept titled Decluttering for a Meaningful Life.

Life gets cumbersome and crowded when there is clutter everywhere. Everything must be decluttered, including the chair you sit on, the bedroom where you sleep, and the kitchen where you prepare food. You cannot focus on your job in an office where papers and files are strewn on the table and chairs and tables are scattered about. When there is chaos around, it might be difficult to find a space to rest your eyes.

The businesswoman Rachna proposes a new concept titled Decluttering for a Meaningful Life.
It's easy to have the impression that you're being submerged in a sea of things when there are so many of them. Having a room that is congested might give you the impression that you are unorganised, which can have an effect on your general attitude and thinking. It's possible that you won't be able to get anything done or that you won't feel like you have control over your environment. When there is a lot of clutter, it can be difficult to discover what you need, and you may have to waste valuable time hunting for the things you need. This may be annoying, as well as detrimental to one's ability to get work done. Just looking at clutter may be taxing, and it can cause your energy levels to drop. When there is clutter everywhere over, it can be difficult to feel inspired and motivated to accomplish the activities that need to be done during the day. Being in a space, whether it be a room or an office, that is cluttered can, in general, cause feelings of being overwhelmed, agitated, annoyed, disorganised, and fatigued. Having said that, it is essential to keep in mind that various people are likely to have varied emotional responses to clutter. In fact, some people can even find it upsetting, which might result in a decrease in productivity.
In any of the aforementioned scenarios, your mind will refuse to let you relax or get any work done. Because your mind loses its concentration and you are unable to concentrate on any one item despite the fact that upsetting components are circling around you. You just refer to this as being "messed up" in everyday English. However, the effects of this will last for a longer period of time if you maintain this state in both your home and your workplace on a daily basis. The term "decluttering" refers to the act of removing goods that are no longer needed or utilised from our various living spaces, such as our homes, offices, and other locations. It entails arranging our stuff and creating an atmosphere that is more efficient and pleasant. The process of decluttering is a vital chore that may assist us in leading a life that is both more productive and less stressful. Even in India, people are starting to embrace this idea more and more.
Rachna Kacker is a well-known decluttering expert from India. She and her company, which is called Messmerize, have been operating in this specific field for the past two years. This businesswoman, who is 42 years old and hails from a tier 2 city in Lucknow but has been residing in Mumbai for the past 12 years, is one of India's few and the country's leading Konmari Consultants. Marie Kondo, the world-renowned expert in decluttering, trained her. Marie Kondo, a Japanese organising expert and author, is the brains behind the KonMari approach, which she devised as a way to reduce clutter and increase organisation. The KonMari technique is predicated on the idea that one should get rid of everything in one's life except for the things that bring that person joy and keep just those things. By surrounding oneself with things that make them happy, the purpose of this strategy is to assist individuals in leading lives that are more structured and satisfying.
She adheres to the philosophy of holistic living, which stresses the significance of attending to all elements of one's health, including the mind, the body, and the spirit. The practise of holistic living acknowledges that each of these distinct facets of a person is interrelated, and that it is crucial to one's general health and well-being to preserve balance and harmony amongst them. This may involve engaging in activities such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga, maintaining a good diet, and providing for one's own self-care.
According per Rachna The KonMari method, when combined with an approach to life that is more holistic, may be an effective way to make your life better. You may create more space and clarity in your physical surroundings by letting go of the items that are no longer serving their purpose for you. This, in turn, can lead to more mental tranquilly and improved emotional well-being. And by paying attention to the ways in which your mind, body, and spirit are all intertwined with one another, you may cultivate a stronger sense of equilibrium and harmony in your life as a whole.
When Rachna first started, she had no idea that there was such a thing as decluttering or that it even existed elsewhere in the world. She was employed in the academic field at the time. She has experience working with the most prestigious business schools, corporations, and recruitment agencies. She has worked in this field for more than 15 years, giving her a wealth of expertise. When she went to see her parents in Lucknow one day, she saw that their house was cluttered with various belongings, including clothes, kitchenware, and other things that were scattered all over the place. She noticed that her parents were having a very difficult time keeping their home clutter-free and orderly despite their best efforts. Her mother was often complaining that there wasn't enough space in the house to hold things. It is quite difficult to maintain calm amidst all of the chaos.
But, Rachna came to the realisation that the issue is not the quantity of space that is accessible but rather the mentality of organising things. It all comes down to how effectively you can utilise the resources and tastefully arrange the stuff you have. She began educating herself on this idea since it is a significant challenge in a nation with a dense population such as India, where there is also a limited amount of available dwelling space. So, she started her exploration in the region.
Yet as she was immersing herself in the field, her observations showed that there is a practise known as decluttering that is really well-liked all across the world. Yet, it was the least recognised in our country, which is ironic considering how frequently it should be used and administered. She also discovered that there is a well-known decluttering trainer in Japan who goes by the name Marie Kondo and has been operating in the same market for many years. After conducting over a year's worth of study, Rachna made the decision to enrol in one of Kondo's courses on organising and purging one's belongings. After waiting for three months, she finally enrolled in the class and discovered a great deal of fascinating information that she had been ignorant of previously.
After completing the training, Rachna made the decision to launch her own business and educate members of the general public on the notion of decluttering as well as the advantages associated with doing so. In 2021, she established a business in Bombay under the name Messmerize. She did so due to the fact that she was aware of the impending challenge that would face people as a result of the fact that the amount of space available will remain the same while the population will increase.
She has been employed by her organisation for a whole period of two years at this point. Her only method of advertising is word of mouth from satisfied customers. Her services could only be provided in Mumbai. But now she has plans to broaden the scope of her offerings and develop her company. She wants to have a positive impact on society by assisting people in leading calm lives by resolving this fundamental issue that has the potential to disrupt their otherwise tranquil existence.
Rachna is aware that the practise of decluttering is a novel idea in India, but that internationally, it has become a multibillion-dollar industry. Individuals whose lives have been disrupted by several unfiltered current ways of living and contemporary methods of living are finding that everything is too much for them to handle. So, the only answer to this issue is to clean the space. Getting rid of clutter isn't simply about getting rid of tangible items. Yet this process also involves getting rid of the mental and emotional clutter that gets in the way of your life and causes disruptions.
Her long-term goal is to found an organisation that will be comprised entirely of women and will concentrate on decluttering and organising services in addition to offering certification and education to anyone who are interested in pursuing a career in this industry. It is called "The Boss Lady Blueprint," and it is a certification programme on decluttering. In it, she not only teaches decluttering and organising, but also the ways to improve one's IQ and EQ, and how to be successful in both one's professional life and one's personal life with the help of decluttering.

The entire concept of Decluttering works on 3 basic principles –

  1. Learn to Let Go
  2. Hone Decision Making Skills
  3. Managing to live with the existing Resources

It is a life-changing concept that has a holistic approach to improving human life at large.

 This method focuses on identifying items that spark joy in one's life and discarding those that do not. In addition to this central principle, there are three key qualities that the KonMari Method encourages:

  1. Intentionality: The first quality that the KonMari Method encourages is intentionality. This means being intentional about what items we choose to keep in our lives and what we choose to discard. Rather than mindlessly holding onto everything we own, the KonMari Method encourages us to carefully consider each item and its role in our lives. By being intentional about the things we surround ourselves with, we can create a living space that truly reflects who we are and what we value.
  2. Mindfulness: The second quality that the KonMari Method encourages is mindfulness. This means being fully present and aware of our surroundings as we tidy up. Instead of rushing through the decluttering process, the KonMari Method encourages us to take our time and focus on each item individually. By approaching tidying up in a mindful way, we can better connect with our belongings and understand their true value in our lives.
  3. Gratitude: The third quality that the KonMari Method encourages is gratitude. This means expressing gratitude for the items we choose to keep in our lives, as well as for the items we choose to discard. By expressing gratitude for the things that have served us well, we can let go of them with a sense of peace and closure. And by expressing gratitude for the things we choose to keep, we can strengthen our connection to them and appreciate them even more.

Rachna has been honoured with many awards and felicitations for her works. She has been featured on Zee news. She was also named in Fox magazine as one of 100 influential Indians & has been Titled India's Own Marie Kondo. She has also been facilitated with the PIFA Power Woman Award.

She believes that Life is simple but we make it complex. The Konmari method of decluttering encourages us to be intentional, mindful, and grateful as we tidy up our living spaces & we can create a more peaceful and meaningful living environment that truly sparks joy in our lives.


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