Solstreet- A chemical-free brand that sells certified organic products

Making the right choice while buying food commodities at the grocery store can be actually a daunting task. There are a wide variety of products claiming to be the best and healthy in the market. All this excites the customers and they end up buying things that might not be healthy for their bodies. However, the vast diversity of products are often correlated with chemicals and coveredble components and other tricks to fool the customers. At Solstreet the scenario is completely distinct. The chemical-free brand is a certified e-commerce store that offers actual products to its customers. Here we have the detailed story of Solstreet.

Solstreet- A chemical-free brand that sells certified organic products

Initial Journey

Neha Rane is the founder of this online marketplace called ‘Solstreet’. She completed her studies in the UK, did her MSc in Marketing and accomplished experience for three years in a tech startup in London as a digital marketing professional. She had comprehended and gained in-depth knowledge and soft skills required to work in a startup atmosphere and executing digital campaigns etc. Post that she moved to Mumbai where she again worked with a few more tech startups and clenched her hands over digital marketing and startup networking. Till now she was holding adequate knowledge to start her own venture and finally, she inaugurated her own company named Solestreet.   

About the startup

The conscious food & lifestyle marketplace brand was launched by Neha Rane in 2016.  Solstreet givesa wide spectrum of organic and environmentally friendly food and lifestyle products from the top clean brands. Solstreet offers products that are sustainably sourced and carefully selected taking care of your health at utmost importance.  The startup pursues a subscription-based model more like an online buying club where you can become a part by paying a certain amount of fees and then enjoy adding organic and environmentally friendly products to your cart and cherish the experience of inexpensive shopping which will add value in your lifestyle. This is like a curated marketplace for people who consider themselves and are conscious about what they eat. The products are chemical-free, good for health and the planet. The USP of the brand is the huge discount offers they have for its subscribed members, they offer up to 25%-30% off to maximize the value from the purchase made and less pricey as compared to a retail store. If you love shopping for organic products, then do visit

Originally, before covid hit our lives, the brand was running in the offline model but due to the pandemic, it switched to an e-commerce website. They also offer fast and carbon-neutral shipping services to guarantee the best experience shopping. Solstreet is presently bootstrapped and is looking to raise a seed round by the end of the year. 


“Smooth blues do not make skilful navigators''. Confronting challenges and guiding one’s way through them builds solidity capacity. Knowing the fact that one can overcome barriers, learn from the struggles and benefit from mistakes lays a strong and solid foundation for success. Solstreet had been met face to face with various difficulties in its budding days. With its passionate team, the startup has overcome all of them. 


Motivation is the force that stimulates people to attain desired goals, be it in an organisation or in an individual’s life. It fuels us when we are likely to abandon or leave halfway through the process. 

“When you do what you love, it’s not work anymore”.Neha Rane comments that she was always inclined towards organic and sustainable concepts. The idea of helping small agriculturist and businesses and at the same time participating to make this world a better place to live in drove her internal potential to step into this sector. It was like killing two birds with one stone. Back in the days, when she began Solstreet in 2016 in NYC and then moved to Mumbai and continued it here only. She is a supporter of organic and environmentally friendly products. 

Even though it was tough to introduce organic products in the Indian market due to the price-sensitive factor, she sailed through all drawbacks with her determination and now doing what she really wants to. She said that “it is a feel-good place for her. 

Advice for readers

If you believe the price of organic food is high-priced, have you priced cancer lately! 

Organic food is wholesome, nutrient-rich, and flavourful. In addition to being healthy for the body, it maintains soil health. Organic farming uses naturally-derived pesticides in place of synthetics. Organic products are wholesome, nutrient-rich, and flavourful. Organic foods - being rich in vitamin and mineral contents - help strengthen our immune systems. In addition to being healthy for the body, it conserves soil health, lessens water usage, and is more energy-efficient. 

There is research-driven indication that organic foods are healthier and more nutritious, as compared to their mates. Pandemic has changed our way of living 360 degrees, this made us realise the importance of good food and our immunity system. Neha Rane emphasises that it’s high time to look into the toxic lifestyle we are living and adapt to a chemical-free lifestyle.

At last, “you have two homes: Earth and your Body. Take care of them!

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