Shravan Shetty is "Making India Career Aware" and is known as "The Career Coach."

There are more than 365 occupations out there, and we need help deciding which one is right for us. Young people now have the difficult task of deciding on a career path and developing a plan to get there.

Shravan Shetty is "Making India Career Aware" and is known as "The Career Coach."

According to many surveys, the typical Indian child is only aware of seven different job paths. When it comes to their professional lives, people choose either the path that is frequently travelled or the path that is less frequently travelled. The children of rich families have a better chance of succeeding. Even they are unable to find their way. They require guidance in choosing a profession. Only a select few people who live in less fortunate circumstances are able to see their hopes and aspirations realised in their lifetimes.
People in the middle class navigate life with the assistance of their families, friends, and teachers. Shravan Shetty had every intention of following in his father's footsteps in Mangalore, where his father was a distinguished academician and dentist. Despite his best efforts, Shravan was not successful in the first year of his pre-university study. In order for him to redo the Pre-University year, his parents moved the family to a more rural area. After suffering a string of setbacks, he was forced to reevaluate his rash choice of profession. He gave some thought to pursuing a degree in law as well as in psychology as possible career paths. Because he did not know enough about either of these jobs to persuade his parents, he did not receive assistance to pursue either one of them. His early encounters with disappointment inspired him to read works by authors such as Swami Vivekananda, Dale Carnegie, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Napoleon Hill, as well as works by other authors writing in the same genre.

A few Lessons  ;

- Make others in your company feel like Giants. Be more interested in them and getting to know them.

- Success is constancy to Purpose

- Focus on pulling your own strings 

- Work on your strengths and leverage them with focus

His career decision led him to complete his Bachelors in Business Management & Subsequently a MBA.

His career journey helped him understand that young people in schools and colleges dont have access to career awareness information.

His awareness came from visiting schools and colleges across different geographies an d interacting with students across different socio-economic backgrounds.

His experience working on campus projects in south India in small towns and villages encouraged him to take a decision in 2010.

Shravan Shetty is a accredited International Certified Career Coach and Certified Career Analyst.

 He decided he would make time every month and every year increasingly to make incremental contributions to "Making India Career Aware".

  The intention is to provide career guidance and employability skills support for underprivileged young people in cities and rural India.

Over the past decade, he has contributed to innovative approaches in Career Guidance and employability skills project across Asia and the Middle East.

In 2021 , he was the lead career coach for a project that worked on career guidance, 21 st century skills and employability skills for three districts in Karnataka impacting young people across Pre - University, Polytechnic and University colleges.

He has impacted lakhs of young people through various career guidance and employability skills interventions he has contributed to.

In 2022 alone he has so far provided Face Face to Face career guidance to 2500 young people from low income families, Government Schools and colleges. The programs are done without charging the students  any money.

He works with young people through NGO's , government schools and colleges as well as low income institutions.

He has contributed pro bono to the UNDP Sach Honge Sapne project on youtube with curated Kannada and Hindi videos on career readiness skills. This platform alone has impacted lakhs of young people providing them with career readiness information 

In November 2022,,He released 52 career videos  on his youtube channel for students as well as for NGOs to access it and use . This project was initiated in October 2022. For the year ahead , Shravan Shetty is working with NGOs across India as well as directly with young people to curate and implement innovative career guidance best practices as a part of his " Make India Career Awareness Initiative.

He is NCDA, USA   Accredited Certified Career Services Provider



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