Sigma Homes, an innovative venture by real estate veteran Umesh Gyanani and Jitendra Sharma aims to cross turnover of INR 1000 crore by 2025.

The real estate industry has been witnessing exponential growth for the past few years. Home is a dream of every individual person. No matter how much wealth you’ve earned, nothing gives you happiness as living in your own house gives. But building your house is not that easier. The competitive market price of the site, increase in building equipment, and increased labor rates – all these are making building one’s house a daunting task. This is where new generation real estate companies come into the picture and help common people to get them built their dream houses.

Sigma Homes, an innovative venture by real estate veteran Umesh Gyanani and Jitendra Sharma aims to cross turnover of INR 1000 crore by 2025.

Umesh Gyanani , MBA 1998-2000 Batch and real estate specialist is co-founder and CEO of one such fast emerging real estate platform in the country, Sigma Homes, which is owned by the parent company, Sigma Builder and Developers. Company was started by his colleague Mr, Jitendra Sharma in the year 2019.

 But Umesh’s journey to be the CEO of Sigma Homes was not as easy as it may seem. He has paved a long way and carries extensive experience before holding the supreme position at new generation real estate platform Sigma Homes (Sigma Builder and Developers).

 Umesh Gyanani comes from a humble background and started his career in the year 2000 as a Management Trainee with Tata Press Yellow Pages in Delhi but destiny had something else in the store, without any knowledge of what is “R” of real estate industry he joined ICICI Home Search (a real estate vertical of ICICI Group) as a City Manager in February 2007 and got promoted as a regional head within 1 year for his outstanding performance in the territory of Jaipur and Chandigarh. From august 2010 to April 2018 he served as Assistant Vice President (State Head) for the Real Estate division of IIFL (India Infoline Group)

 After working at these many different prominent firms and institutions in India, Umesh founded the online platform called “ Realty Gurukul Online” an Online Learn N Share HUB for real estate professionals where they can learn and share their knowledge about the real estate industry.

 In 2019, he joined Sigma Homes as Business Director and got promoted as co-founder and CEO of Sigma Homes. It has been an emerging and fastest-growing real estate platform for real estate buyers, developers, channel partners, associates, and investors. It has been very popular in Jaipur and growing very fast in the entire Rajasthan.

 Sigma Homes had a very humble beginning and started with only 20 associates and with 1 builder project with the leadership of Mr. Jitendra Sharma and Business Acumen of Mr. Umesh Gyanani company has grown immaculately and has more than 250 Associates Networks, and 30 plus builder projects to offer to its customers. Company had already served more than 1200 satisfied customers. Their annual turnover is more than 150 crores.

 More than 30 plus specialist and well experienced real estate experts are working day in and day for the success of Sigma Homes which is growing in multiple folds. They have a target of crossing turnover of 1000 crores by 2025 and will have more than 1000 associates collectively in a company. Seeing their growth, all these targets won't seem impossible for them.

 Mr. Umesh Gyanani a real estate veteran wit 23 years of experience has been doing tremendously well in the real estate sector. His vast experience made him an outstanding personality in the industry and many aspiring real estate consultants look up to him. He has all the knacks to revive the businesses and bring them on track for success. With his strong Communication skills, leadership by example, in depth research and interpersonal skills he has made a different place for himself in the real estate industry.

 Sigma Builders has grown to a big ocean today with many completed and ongoing projects. The combined expertise and experience of Mr. Umesh Gyanani and founder Mr. Jitendra Sharma for more than 20 years have brought them here. Their unraveling efforts and strategies are so accurate that their company is fast emerging real estate platform for investors, Developers, Buyers and real estate associates community.


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