Novelist Par Excellence in the Historical Fiction Genre!

A good novelist is always able to connect with the emotions of his readers through effective storytelling. And with ‘The Kingdom of God’, Niranjan Mudholkar has achieved this quite well. Although ‘The Kingdom of God’ is the author’s first novel, he has carved a unique place for himself in the world of historical fiction with this fantastic book. In fact, if you compare him to the contemporary Indian writers, Niranjan Mudholkar stands out as ‘a novelist par excellence in the historical fiction genre’. With a remarkably independent style that is backed with in-depth research, Niranjan Mudholkar has crafted a mesmerising masterpiece!

Novelist Par Excellence in the Historical Fiction Genre!

Absolutely unputdownable, ‘The Kingdom of God’ grasps you right from the first chapter and keeps you hooked till the last. With twists and turns in every chapter, the novel keeps you on the edge of suspense. A perfect blend of medieval Indian history and contemporary times, ‘The Kingdom of God’ transports you to whole new world of adventure and drama. Importantly, while focussing on storytelling, the author has also created characters that are not only independent and strong but are also real-life. It is not surprising that Niranjan Mudholkar has bagged the HBW News’ Global Achievers Award 2021 for achievement in literature for the ‘Best Debut Novel’ for ‘The Kingdom of God’!

With an illustrious career spanning more than 23 years and across various fields like academics, publishing and journalism, Niranjan Mudholkar has only recently donned the hat of a novelist. But there is no trace of a novice in his writing! In fact, Niranjan Mudholkar comes across as a mature and professional writer who knows his subject as well as his audience quite well. And when you read ‘The Kingdom of God’, you feel as if Niranjan Mudholkar was born to write for the historical fiction genre. “History is a beacon to the present and a roadmap to future. Fiction, on the other hand, is the magic that flows from the wand of imagination. If you can blend these two with the power of words, then you can create ‘the Kingdom of God’ anywhere,” he says. Well, that’s food for thought and quite enriching too! And although the author’s quote may have sounded a bit philosophical, the novel itself is an absolutely entertaining and action-packed ride that you don’t want to miss!

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