Meet Ritika Vasudev, Relationship Wellness and Sundating Coach.

SUNDATING WELLNESS was founded and is run by Ritika Vasudev, who also serves as its chief executive officer. Because to her work on the potent Sundating ceremony for mending lives in 2020, she can now call herself a "Sundater" for the rest of her life.

Meet Ritika Vasudev, Relationship Wellness and Sundating Coach.

The coaching and wellness company known as Sundating Wellness is driven by a single overarching aim and mission. The goal is to restore people's lives so that they can grow and to help them rediscover and fall in love with who they are so that they can live the life they have always dreamed of living. To live abundantly, joyously, and most importantly, wonderfully by being love is the vision, and the goal is to alter as many lives as possible to accomplish this.

Ritika Vasudev is a vibrant personality with many facets to explore. Coach Ritz, as she is affectionately known, is a Beauty and Wellness consultant, an NLP coach cum practitioner, an Access Consciousness Bars facilitator, a yoga and meditation instructor, a certified positive intelligence coach, and an author. Coach Ritz is also a certified positive intelligence coach.

She works as a personal mentor and corporate trainer, but her primary focus is on being an intuitive relationship healer.

She has over twenty years of experience working in management positions for several corporations. She has previous experience working with a variety of companies, including IL&FS, Revlon, and VLCC, to mention a few.

She spent decades in roles involving training and mentoring before realising that she had a gift for permanently transforming the limiting ideas of her teams as well as her coworkers. Because of this, she was able to make the transition into full-time coaching and begin fresh in her pursuit of her passion of helping others realise the gift of love by resolving their inner issues.

She makes it a habit to regularly further her education in order to provide the finest possible level of service to her customers. Self-investment, in her view, is the most advantageous form of investment because it almost invariably results in better returns. The phrase "changemaker at heart" and "thinking leader" are two of the greatest ways to characterise her.

She has helped more than two hundred and fifty people heal and create conscious relationships with both themselves and their families via her work as an intuitive relationship wellness healer.

She has a big heart and is always willing to help others.

She exudes an aura that, upon first encounter, has the ability to put anyone at rest.

Her mantra is straightforward in that it focuses on the "health of a relationship." It is

YOU were always supposed to be exactly who YOU are now.

YOU are the product of YOUR own creativity.

Get up, take a step, and make your voice heard!

Be the voice of yourself.


You may have everything material that you could ever want, yet deep down in your soul, you are aware that there is still something lacking; this void, along with the discomfort it causes, is something that you can probably relate to, right?

She wants you to discover the bravery to go for what you wish to do, and her one-of-a-kind and caring Method can bring you to a space of serenity, joy, and self-love. Coach Ritz is able to fill in the missing energy, the gap between going for it and stepping back on it.

She is, in fact, a coach with worldwide certification and a wealth of experience behind her, which has helped many people live their lives with enthusiasm, positivity, and courage.

Her clientele spans the entire world. She is a firm believer that in order to achieve true transformation, one must heal from the inside out.

Her hallmark programmes for both individuals and businesses are one of a kind and focused on getting results. It is strongly advised that people participate in her programmes, such as "SunDating Ritual," as well as her meditations, in order to recover from the gloom of melancholy, anxiety, tension, rage, depression, and most significantly, heartbreak.

This programme will help you get to the bottom of what's causing your issue so that you can heal alongside her.

She assists her clients in gaining clarity so that they can go on and get closer to living the life they have desired.

Even just one session with her is powerful enough to move the mind from a state of confusion to one of clarity, which in turn causes the heart to feel lighter.

She offers corporate seminars that focus on boosting self-confidence and performance by addressing the deeper limiting beliefs that are associated with issues of self-worth and confidence. Her workshops can also be used for team development.

Sessions of one-on-one counselling and guided group meditations are both available from her for individuals. She facilitates transformative healing retreats in the wilderness, where participants can reconnect with themselves.

She has been a guest on a number of podcasts and she has written pieces that have been published.

You can get in touch with her team at if you have any questions regarding "sundating" or organising sessions, as well as enquiries, Resource speakership, or personal mentorship.

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