Mahendra Technosoft Pvt Ltd. – A Startup That’s Turning Heads With its Unique Approach in the Gig Industry.

The Indian startup ecosystem has evolved over the last two decades. Some startups were founded in the 2000s, but the ecosystem was still in its infancy as there were few investors, the lack of support organizations such as incubators and accelerators made it very difficult for ventures to survive and resulted in many promising ideas, startups, and entrepreneurs to make a painful exit.

Mahendra Technosoft Pvt Ltd. – A Startup That’s Turning Heads With its Unique Approach in the Gig Industry.

Now the world has changed, and startups are getting their share of recognition and attention not only in India but also across the globe. Startups now through innovation and scalable technology, are involved in generating impactful solutions, driving socio-economic development and transformation of a country.

‘Mahendra Technosoft’ In the making

Mahendra Technosoft came into being in the year 2016, as a global IT-Innovator, founded by Mahendra Nikam providing advanced technology-enabled services and solutions to customers across the globe. A software consulting firm that provides services ranging from Project Management - Completion / Management Services / Outsourcing and Cloud-Based Solutions / Provisioning Software and Database Security to medium-sized and large enterprises covering all major industries.

Mahendra Technosoft Pvt. Ltd is one of the leading technology-focused service providers that cater to the technology-based needs and requirements of the education sector and the corporate world. Since its inception, Mahendra Technosoft as an organization has been working with great enthusiasm and determination to explore different areas and engineering methods that reflect their industry expertise and maintain their quality standards.

The company created a unique platform for all new trainees/participants especially from the IT sector across the country to work on live projects and corporate exposure to discover and realize their hidden talents/opportunities as well as practical experiences.



Encouraging, Assisting And Promoting New Jobseekers and Freelancers

As one of its primary objectives, the company provides opportunities for new entrants to become experienced IT professionals through its various full-time/part-time or freelance projects. The company enables its employees, associates, to identify their strengths, analyze their weaknesses, identify opportunities and work on them. They also provide high-quality training under the guidance and supervision of specialists and a highly experienced intellectual panel. It is also one of their visions to become a world-renowned training center for IT and integrated services.

“We have successfully completed our training sessions in Maharashtra and various parts of India. College students and business staff choose to attend our training sessions to improve themselves and gain skills at the industry level”- CEO, Mahendra Nikam.

Ventures and Collaborations in The Works

Revolutionizing the Digital Marketing realm with its path braking efforts to bring all segments under one roof, Mahendra Technosoft has ventured into creating separate entities to cope with the increasing demand for professionals as freelancers. Be it in the field of Digital Marketing, Content Creation & Moderation, Training, or just providing opportunities for talented individuals from all over the country and beyond.

Recently, Mahendra Technosoft, entered into a collaboration with another start-up “DigiQuill Creatives” to provide training and services in the realm of Digital Marketing. A company that deep dives into the world of ‘Content’ striving to provide it as an art form. Rekindling the Art in written communication, the melody in words. Not only offering services such as Content Writing, Copywriting, Content Moderation, editing but also providing training in soft skills and English language development.

Another upcoming milestone would be “Universal Freelancer” a dedicated platform that is being developed by the company for skilled freelancers to engage and find opportunities as per their requirements. Currently catering to projects related to Web Designing, Mobile app development, Content Creation and Moderation, Projects using BI (Business Intelligence) to generate optimum results etc, would eventually become the go-to platform for talented individuals from all streams and also a marketplace for businesses to source talent from a pool of skilled, experienced individuals.

Mahendra Technosoft Pvt ltd. Is all set to provide steady earnings as a primary or secondary source to the untapped skilled budding freelancers. Opening the marketplace for them and thus promoting potential entrepreneurs of the future. For More information visit our website-

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