Latha Tater, a mental health coach, is developing a society free of mental health challenges.

Humans have had mental health concerns for centuries. The overuse of technology and technological devices has exacerbated these problems. Consequently, children are significantly affected by these problems. That is having a negative impact on them. This is the point where psychologists enter the bigger picture.

Latha Tater, a mental health coach, is developing a society free of mental health challenges.
Latha Tater has a background in psychology and also works as a parenting coach. But, she is also known for her expertise in the fields of art therapy, graphotherapy, music therapy, child psychology, cyber psychology, positive psychology, and mindfulness meditation, and she has completed a number of courses in these areas. Latha's Mind Hub is an organisation that was established by Latha, an entrepreneur from Mysore who is currently 34 years old. Latha's Mind Hub offers online psychological training services, including counselling, workshops, and awareness initiatives. It is operating out of Bangalore at this time. Her foundation has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and is officially registered with the MSME.
A few years ago is when everything started. Mysore, which is located in the state of Karnataka, is where Latha was both born and raised. When she was a youngster, she has always been an introvert. Due to the fact that she had such a poor self-esteem, she never spoke up or used her voice while she was in a public setting.
After completing her education, she found a position with L&T Corporation, where she was employed for a period of two years. In addition to the work, she has also finished her post-graduate studies in mathematics. When some time had passed, she eventually got married, and after some time spent helping out around the house, she stopped working.
Latha's lifelong goals have included achieving financial independence and living each day to the maximum possible extent. Yet, she did not have a lot of self-confidence, which was holding her back from developing further. Yet, her spouse was helpful and was able to inspire and encourage her at every turn.
But everything began to fall apart when her spouse began experiencing recurrent bouts of illness. Even after undergoing a great deal of medical testing, they were unable to even recognise the issue for an entire half year. Due to the lack of clarity in the findings, we were unable to reach a conclusion. After some time, they went to see a psychiatrist to try out a potential remedy. The diagnosis of clinical depression that Latha's husband received required him to take medicine for the condition for almost a full year. In due time, he returned to his regular, earlier self.
Yet through all of this, Latha came to see the significance of maintaining good mental health and how a healthy mental state might finally pave the way for a more fulfilling existence. Because of this, she developed an interest in people's mental health and worked to raise awareness of the issue among the general public. She went to a lot of different training programmes and went to school so that she could learn more about mental health. She has a really driven attitude.
In the years that followed, she was able to make her vision a reality by launching the organisation that would become known as Latha's Mind Hub in the month of February 2022. She made the decision to educate individuals about the benefits of maintaining good mental health through the use of online sessions. But, her beginning was not quite as satisfying as she had hoped it would be. She had no idea how to run an internet business, so expanding it was a challenge for her. This prevented her from being successful. She adopted a never-give-up mentality and, with that, went back to school to study online business, digital marketing, and coaching programmes, all of which finally assisted her in making a transition.
Latha began giving workshops on fundamental issues pertaining to children's mental health, such as the management of anger, successful study skills, overcoming exam anxiety, improving focus and concentration, boosting memory skills, kindness and empathy, self-regulation skills, emotional intelligence, self-esteem, and many other issues that are society-centric. Latha began to receive encouraging feedback from the parents of the children who attended these seminars. The parents saw that their children's attitudes and behaviours had improved as a direct result of their participation in these workshops. This gave her more self-assurance and propelled her to become more involved in the business.
Even when she was leading seminars for the parents, Latha maintained the same level of self-assurance. She created training sessions and programmes on self-care, mental detox, calm parenting, mindfulness, therapeutic art methods, management ways to handle children with behavioural difficulties, anger management, stress management, and other topics for parents and psychology students.
Up to this point, Latha has led more than one hundred different training sessions and seminars. She took it a step further and initiated a vent out session through her business, which is known as "Unwind your anxieties," in order to help individuals rid themselves of their emotional baggage. This is a one-on-one session that takes place every Tuesday and is completely free of charge. Latha is doing all in her power to teach people about mental health, stress management, anger management, and other topics that are associated through these many activities.
The journey of discovery that Latha is on won't end here. In addition to that, she is a best-selling author. Her e-book, "Calm Your Child's Anger," which she published after receiving assistance from Inspiring Jatin, has risen to the top of the Psychology category on Amazon, where it is now listed. Incredible comments and reactions have been received in response to the book.
Because of the wonderful job that she has done, Latha has received a number of honours and felicitations. SIWAA has honoured her for the significant contributions she has made to the profession of social work in the year 2020. Also, she was highlighted in the International Women's Day Week campaign show that was broadcast on Radio Mirchi 95 FM in March of 2020. In April of 2022, she was given the opportunity to discuss her trip on the podcast The Limelyt, which is situated in Dubai.
The fact that Latha was not endowed with all of these abilities and talents from birth is one of the most motivating aspects of her journey; rather, a traumatic event in her past inspired her to educate herself and share what she had learned with others. After that, she disseminated the information to the public and made a contribution to the treatment of issues relating to mental health. Her life and the excellent job that she has done both send a powerful message to everyone, and as a result, she has become a role model for everybody.

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