Knowledge is everywhere yet No one to utilize and monetize it

"You have to dream before your dream comes true. A dream is not that you see while sleeping; the dream is something that does not let you sleep." -Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

Knowledge is everywhere yet No one to utilize and monetize it

In the life of one simple Bengali middle-class girl, one nagging thought has always been; 'how to have and give more power, more strength to each human being.' And hence if there is one word to describe the driving force of AskSarathi and its founder, Dr. Sumana Chakraborty, it is EMPOWERING.


Dr. Sumana Chakraborty is a dental surgeon, Drug safety officer, and Pharmacovigilance Trainer. She has left the corporate world to strive towards her dream and vision of building a diversified skilled personnel/human ecosystem or hub for the entire population to cut down unhealthy competition and enhance the competence and support to grow stronger together. She is now an empowering coach, global speaker, and author of the book' Magic in you,' dedicated to every human being of all ages as a small booklet of extracting strength for every circumstance in life and a firm believer and visionary of common prosperity for all.

Born with the wings to fly, Dr. Sumana Chakraborty, born to a middle-class conservative Bengali family in one of the most economically developed districts of West Bengal, Hooghly, had a knack to learn, analyze and speak out since early childhood. Her family and friends usually say that she was an adult child, more mature than anyone of her age, and a source of sheer energy. Be it learning and performing three dance forms at the age of four or writing an examination for the University of Performing Arts by herself at the age of six, she has always taken every challenge upfront and found a unique way to succeed in her endeavors.


Two things she has never learned in life are quitting and letting go of loved ones. The diverse knowledge arena, combined with her magnetic fascination to learn and evolve, had eventually made a highly pleasing, intriguing, empathic personality by the time she graduated as a dentist. Entering the employment world had to be via dental clinic as per customary norms, yet doing things as per society norms has never been the characteristic of Dr. Sumana; she follows her heart and her passion. She was interested in evidence-based medicine and drug safety during her undergrads. She completed my post-graduation in Clinical Research Management. She joined the corporate world as the Drug safety officer and Medical Reviewer, hence turning the chapter of her passion for medicinal safety and research and analysis of drug components with their efficacy. It was the fourth month of her first job; she had the first opportunity to train the team on Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance. She loved being the trainer and decided to take more challenges in training and initiate more healthcare processes in the corporate. Hence, shaping her career as the only location trainer to begin the entire drug safety process for a client via corporate vendor; Tata Consultancy Services and Cognizant Technology Solutions, respectively. She indulged in regular weekend CSR involvements with Cognizant Outreach and otherwise. She takes weekly English language and communication training and grooms young undergrads to be more professional in speech, attitude, and digital handling to shape their self-confidence before entering the employment world. Education for All is her driving principle. In 2019, she decided to dedicate entirely to this dream of providing actual materialistic actions and engagements to youngsters to shape their personalities to align with the upcoming professional employment world for them to be in the right mindset to get the best of employment world while contributing their best. The primary goal is to reform the educational paradigm with the inclusion of utilization and monetization of skills, unleashing the power of the population.


There are many students and professionals; thinking and casually surfing through free webinars about online earning, affiliate and make money online webinars to make a breakthrough to convert passion to passive. They cannot break out of unwanted, negative states so you can make better decisions about your career/earnings. The fact is at any given point in time in life, either in job or business, the next five days will tell you about your next five years; habits and thought process with the combination of the people you most of your time with is the key to every goal in life.


The once philanthropic statement; Help others to grow, and as a reward, you grow along, is now a fact for a career. Be it job or business, everyone wants to start earning now, yet there is a compounding of time tangent in skills and passions, and effortless passive income investing doesn't happen overnight. The recent future is evolving around data analytics, interactive UI, and multiple cross-functional technologies. The world is now full of online jobs for students to earn money at home.


 AskSarathi is a platform that seeks talents who are:

  • Driven to help others
  • Ready to take the challenge to transform themselves
  • Want to formulate the life you have always dreamed of
  • Seeking personalized experience/touch in virtual learning. online personal counseling or want to talk to a counselor
  • Opportunity for those genuinely driven with a burning desire to take their lives to the next level in the next three years.
  • Ready for a collaborative approach to evolving in the digital era.

If you have even one of the above in you, AskSarathi is the prove system to start earning after three months while you work from home/work from anywhere in virtual professions; you will achieve:

  • Foundation skills to start working from anywhere
  • Ecosystem to develop an entrepreneurship mindset.
  • Become financially free
  • Break out of unwanted, negative states to make better decisions about your career/earnings.
  • Convert passion into earnings; have multiple passive income sources.
  • Keep earning while you sleep/travel


AskSarathi has a 2:1 mentor-student ratio that is more of a learning and earning launchpad/help-pad than a classic training program. An engagement of 90 days to a year makes anyone and everyone have online jobs for students to earn money at home. The Learn to Earn program is a systematic process of learning and experience engagement virtually to shape the entire student/dropouts to professional; who can earn by online and offline means of technology.


AskSarathi openly invites all backbenchers, idea generators, out-of-box thinkers, and young history makers to join us and change your life in the revolution in the educational and employment world.


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