How Tejas S Dusane is helping Brands to grow digitally and inspiring others to be a part of Industry 4.0

Tejas S Dusane is the founder of The Digitrack Media, a digital marketing company. Tejas started his journey with a simple Word Press blog and worked as an intern in an IT firm in his city. His company helps businesses to grow online by providing lead generation, social media marketing, branding, and other digital services.

How Tejas S Dusane is helping Brands to grow digitally and inspiring others to be a part of Industry 4.0

The world has been revolved so much, thanks to the digital revolution, which has changed marketing terms and left its presence in untapped markets. With the evolving digital era, people are bored of simple plain vanilla flavor traditional marketing. So, what’s new this digital marketing is offering us?

With just one click from basic needs to all the luxuries ones, we can all leverage it on our Digital devices making our lives not only effortless but most significantly with advanced knowledge.

India is a country which is known for its culture and technological advancements. With a large based population, the influence of social media is increasing tremendously. India is the world's second-largest social media market, with around 350 million active users. Digital Marketing Refers to as It's the part of marketing that promotes products and services through the use of online-based technology.

Many forward-thinking digital marketing firms offer comprehensive digital services. One of the leading Digital marketers, Tejas S Dusane, the founder of The Digitrack Media having an extraordinary experience of 7+years in the field of sales & marketing In 2016, he started his journey with a simple Word Press blog and started working as an intern in an IT firm in his city on various online advertising projects. After 6 months joined a startup where he was continuously focused on learning new techniques in digital marketing for Automobile, Real Estate, Education & B2B businesses the journey has been so inspiring that from a small cubical room with just 2 laptops they founded their startup company The Digitrack Media & now serving clients from Pan India & UK. Knowing about the customer conversion journey, his company builds marketing funnels and helps businesses to grow online by providing lead generation, social media marketing, branding, and other digital marketing services.

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Their digital marketing campaigns have become prevalent, employing combinations of social Media Marketing, Paid ads, content marketing, automation, and many more. Tejas & his team noticed that in India many people use social media platforms just for networking and entertainment purpose. But they don't know the benefits of social media and internet marketing tools, but such tools are necessary to earn money and increase their businesses online.

Successful Entrepreneurs seek ways to reach new levels in their corporate world. Digitrack Media is helping businesses globally, to reach their potential sales with the help of digital marketing. With rapid proliferating digital channels, their digital marketers are up-to-date with the working of these channels, their usage by receivers, and their effective use in marketing any products or services. With detailed research and analysis, they are finding new ways of approaching customers and understanding how they behave in contrast to traditional marketing.

Our skills really crucial for professionalism?

With constant hustle in this competitive world, skills are really important to stand out in the crowd. Employees are expected to have key employability skills and not just academic success that make them fit for the role they’re hired for. Similarly, when companies hire marketing professionals, they are expected to serve a whole package of skills. Digital marketing involves a wide range of areas, such as Social Media Platforms, Paid campaigns, and content writing.

The Digitrack media is full of young and progressive team members. Their quote is “if you can dream it, you can do it” and the team has left no stone unturned to prove it right. The employees take work not just as an organization but as a team of dedicated and passionate marketers who possess trust, reliability, and integrity as core values. The company doesn’t just promote the businesses but they do it with a different touch using some special sales funnel strategies which increase the conversion ratio and certainly help them in increasing the revenue.

Tejas S Dusane says, “If you want to succeed in the internet & online media industry then you have to learn and implement those marketing techniques & strategies practically.

Getting certificates is not enough to make a career in this field. You have to start running campaigns practically on social media and google’s platforms, you have to start a blog and treat it as your business website so that you can learn these techniques practically rather than just theoretical things. His tea is spreading awareness to such people and providing training to them and sharing the knowledge they have. Their vision and mission are to help each and every small and medium business owner to grow their business online, it is really difficult for them to grow without any online visibility. In the current scenario, and especially post-co-vid, many people lost their jobs as well. So the company is working with a goal to educate such people about the power of internet media and how they can use it as a skill to earn money.

The company caters to clients with not just digital content, but a unique blend of creative technology, and data expertise. This complete blend ensures the brand experience is delivered consistently, efficiently, and professionally across all the channels.

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