How Devang Joshi is helping farmers in becoming Atmanirbhar using the income generation model through Solar Dryers

Rudra Solar Energy the Trusted Brand in Solar Thermal Comes Up with their Innovative Post-harvest technology. It is a "Multipurpose Solar Modular Dryer" that works on with solar energy. The specialty is its affordability and compact design.

How Devang Joshi is helping farmers in becoming Atmanirbhar using the income generation model through Solar Dryers

According to a recent study, 16% of food produced in India gets wasted; the farmers are struggling with a huge loss due to the wastage of leftover vegetables and fruits. The produce which could not be sold today will get ruined soon if it is not preserved at the farm level.

Such a big level of harvesting requires big capital investment which is next to impossible for poor and marginal farmers. Farmers are dependent on geographical location and season for their crop hence they cannot control the price of some agricultural products. Due to this, the farmers are compelled to receive less profit or they have to deal with huge losses.

Rudra Solar Energy the Trusted Brand in Solar Thermal Comes Up with their Innovative Post-harvest technology.  It is a “Multipurpose Solar Modular Dryer” which works on with solar energy the Zero-energy, which uses Radiation, Conduction, and Convection Modes Of Heating Principal for drying. The specialty is its affordability and compact design, the design is engineered very economically which dries the product under Under hygienic conditions and keeps the taste, aroma, flavor, and colors of the food intact, and keeps the same nutrition value.

“Farmers can now earn more profit by harvesting and selling their farm Produce in high price seasons which was produced during low price seasons. The principle responsible for working this solar dryer is very common“The Greenhouse Effect” in which solar radiation gets trapped inside a closed chamber. And dries the product”


The dryer is made up of a Stainless Steel cabinet where heat is produced using specialized black Coating, and drying is done In a tray where products are kept. The solar radiation heats up the dryer body, product, and tray, and fans keep circulating air inside the chamber and that evaporates the moisture in produce and then the humid air is released out of the chamber. This method helps in drying in no time and without and spoiling of food. The model is highly sustainable and requires no electricity. The solar dryer is pocket-friendly and comes at half the price of dryers available in the market. The model is very compact and thus can be transported anywhere in India and also the life of the Solar Dryer is very long as quality material is used so farmers get value for money spend.

Thomas Edison stated that: ‘‘The value of an idea lies in the use of it.’ In order to make the product successful, it should have a big selling market.”

This innovative product is useful for Individual farmers, rural women, FPO, NGOs, SHG, etc but awareness about the product is very low. Rudrasolar energy is promoting its business through its dealer networks. Many NGOs are promoting Government organizations like KVK to support sustainable projects. Agricultural and rural livelihood mission programs are promoting the product. Due to its superior quality and amazing results, it is quickly gaining mouth-to-mouth publicity. Newer strategies are also implied in marketing such as getting customers through YouTube videos, social media pages of the company as well as through B2C & B2B platforms.

Rudrasolar energy is a prestigious firm and is one of the Original Equipment Manufacturing in solar cookers, solar dryers, and solar desalination. The company is broadening its horizon all over the Indian dealers by offering entrepreneurship opportunities through social causes. They are continuously involved in research and development and coming with the latest and innovative products every time.

The company has always been into a big vision for expansion in the future. They are also planning to come up with their own research centers that would deal with zero-energy and a test facility for the students. It would be India’s first center where students can do their zero energy projects as well as research for social- work, also they had identified and researched on a lot of different solar cookers design, solar dryers design, and they are working on more output per square meter for de-saline water production using solar thermal technology. Due to their association with many Universities and IIT's for research support activities, Rudrasolar Energy will keep coming up with new patented products in the future.



Rudrasolar energy was established in 2006, since then it is one of the unique innovators, Researchers, and Manufacturers of Sustainable Solutions for Society. They have a wide range of Product development through application engineering by producing primarily solar thermal products like solar cookers, solar dryers, and solar desalination.

The company outsources almost 40% of the work and the remaining is done at their state of art factory situated at Vatva GIDC Ahmedabad. The company had started making solar cookers and solar dryers and solar desalination and reached not only every single state of India but 7 more countries.

Devang Joshi is the founder of Rudrasolar and has a vision and a noble mission to serve society through sustainable solutions. He has done a lot along with big corporate and PSU through CSR events and CSR projects and uplifted no. of villagers and women’s through solar dryers’ income generation program Through CSR funds Of PSU and Corporate Companies till now the company had raised more than 1000 entrepreneurs who are making themselves Atmanirbhar using the income generation model through our solar dryers and leading their contribution towards making “Atmanirbhar Bharat”.


Devang Joshi is graduated in engineering, mechanical with knowledge in solar thermal energy as well as mastery in zero waste production technology, he had done a job in Larsen and Toubro as quality control engineers and worked with NPCL, BARC, and Defence jobs and after two years of the job he had decided to quit this job just to become a lesson for other to serve the nation and then came up with the idea of solar thermal products.

Rudrasolar Energy has an in-house fabrication and assembly shop which is run by a team of 12 people at present in that 2 are handling sales and marketing, one for an account, one manager for execution, one for purchase remaining all are fitters and helpers. He is happy to have such members in his team that are fulfilling their duty towards society and making Atmanirbhar Bharat. 

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