A new definition to wellness: How MyHealthBuddy is transforming people through flexible, habit based fitness coaching

MyHealthBuddy is a fitness and lifestyle coaching company in India. Founder Asheesh Grewal wants to help people get fit and lead a healthier lifestyle. The team has 75+ members and the business is flourishing. They provide personalized, habit-based fitness coaching. MHB Academy is a new fitness and wellness coaching academy.

A new definition to wellness: How MyHealthBuddy is transforming people through flexible, habit based fitness coaching

The rush of this ever-evolving modern and global world is tiring. With this, the concept of choosing a life that gives comfort but also is at pace with the modern-day seems like a necessity but also like a dream to some. Do we all not wish for a comfortable workout schedule? Don’t we all want a body that is transformed into perfection so that we could do all those things we always wanted to, from our bucket list? YES!

In a world where getting out of the hectic work culture, routine patterns, and 9 to 5 hustling schedule are unavoidable, MyHealthBuddy came as a ray of hope for people to choose the smarter way to wellness and fitness. With its founder Asheesh Grewal innovating a new way out to focus on “habit-based coaching”, MHB gave people an avenue to adapt to a healthier lifestyle.

Established in 2017, MyHealthBuddy provides end-to-end solutions to help people manage their weight, lead a healthier lifestyle, and continue the same lifestyle after their transformation. The interesting catch here is the vision of this organization. When asked about the same, Asheesh mentions that MyHealthBuddy provides personalized lifestyle coaching to the clients and that the goal is to look up to a healthier and happier society.

Operating from Gurgaon, Haryana- Asheesh built a team of 75+ people after he began in 2017, and the team is flourishing like anything. Before opening his own venture to help people get fit and healthier, Asheesh worked for more than 12 years in the corporate sector in companies such as Infosys, HCL, and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). This gave him the experience and skill to handle teams, lead his coworkers and establish a milestone called MyHealthBuddy.

The one thing that made Asheesh inclined towards this industry and work was his concerns for people who are unfit and overweight. He wanted to adopt and also give people a lifestyle that reeks of care and responsibility about their health. That is where he came up with the idea of a “buddy” for your health. What he wanted to focus on while planning this out was proper hand-holding and accountability to be present while coaching. 

He reveals how he wanted to obtain a habitual change in people and thus MyHealthBuddy came up with the concept of transforming people through the five transformation channels- diet plan, exercise plan, sleep quality, stress management, and habit formation. The USP among all this remains the habit-based coaching by MyHealthBuddy

The buddies are coached and trained well to handle clients according to their proper analysis and requirements. The flexibility of the client’s discussions with the buddy about their health and wellness before starting the transformation journey is another strong suit of MHB.

On being asked about the buddies and their role, Asheesh smiles and says that he wanted to follow a delicate and personalized system of guidance, daily motivation, and expert surveillance on the people who are opting in for the transformation. The buddies are trained meticulously before getting to real-time clients. According to Asheesh, “This provides the opportunity to learn, grow, skill oneself and earn too!”

The startup also majorly focuses on women’s health to help them deal with postpartum weight and depression, PCODs, and Hypothyroidism, among others. “Most of our clients are in the age group of 28-35 years, and 95 percent of them are women. Also, 70 percent of the women clients are new mothers who want to lose their postpartum weight, which is our USP,” he adds.

When he starts talking of the new venture MHB Academy, Asheesh fondly remembers the importance of teaching, learning, self-refinement, and preparing people as better coaches.

MHB Academy is another manifestation of Grewal's dream to make fitness and wellness smarter, more accessible, and more flexible to people. 

The first reaction of everyone hearing about coaching and workout is essentially a strict hard-earned schedule with all the objectives straight and forward. However, Asheesh's vision of a coaching academy is none of the absolute strict measures, but flexible ways with which the students are actually inspired and trained to further help people transform. While talking about the MHB Academy, Asheesh urges people to the importance of health and the presence of a guide throughout this journey. MHB Academy has streamlined and specific courses on specific health concerns, including but not limited to nutrition, physical activities, workout, psychological understanding, etc. 

Asheesh puts forward his aim and vision of making the world healthier and happier with a platform that does not ask for any hard-laid rules and focuses completely on changing habits from the roots. For MHB Academy, he believes in creating a space that could teach people the science of nutrition and exercise and the nuanced art of inculcating healthy habits in individuals. 

With the world finding smarter and more careful solutions to everything by the blink of the eye, fitness and health have become one of the utmost priorities. MyHealthBuddy is paving a new way to wellness, life skills, and fitness, this way is more flexible, happier, and on your own terms!! 

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