Innoventix Solutions- straightforward solutions to advanced IT issues

Innoventix Solutions, underneath the leadership of adult males. Amar Dave delivers the simplest IT solutions at intervals the desired timeline and their purchasers are perpetually happy with the results. the corporate perpetually stands up to the expectations, exploiting no space for criticism.

Innoventix Solutions- straightforward solutions to advanced IT issues

Innoventix Solutions

Innoventix Solutions could be a team of consultants that gives an entire variety of internet solutions together with SharePoint, workplace 365 consulting, mobile apps development, and internet application development to its purchasers across the world and build their business stand out.

With over fourteen years of expertise operating in internet development unfolding across a range of technologies together with SharePoint, SharePoint Consulting, Flutter Development, WordPress, iOS and automaton Mobile Apps and Microsoft workplace 365, the corporate ne'er ceases to deliver a killer resolution to your dream plan.

Mr. Amar Dave - before Innoventix Solutions

Born in Gujarat, Amar completed his bachelor’s in engineering from a government faculty in Modasa, Gujarat. He pursued his master’s from Fairleigh poet University within the U.S. in 2008.

To kick-start his journey, he joined a little firm in the big apple operating as a Microsoft advisor. When operating there for three years, his father died which placed him in an exceeding quandary on whether or not he ought to keep back within the North American nation or get through. Eventually, he had to come to the Asian nation to cater to his family.

Back reception, he started finding jobs that landed him in Ernst and Young wherever he worked as a Microsoft SharePoint advisor. When operating there for five years, he realized that he needed to start out on one thing of his own and started his entrepreneurial journey.

The beginning of Innoventix Solutions and challenges round-faced Leaving a well-paying job within the North American nation, coming to Asian nation Associate in Nursing beginning an organization from scratch is a sacred factor.

“Initially, I had the concept of fitting a service-based business and parallelly begin a product-based company,” Amar aforementioned.

He round-faced funding problems at the start as a result of nobody needing to speculate in an exceedingly contemporary company. To make matters worse, resources additionally didn’t wish to hitch a replacement company as they needed to figure with funded startups and established businesses. This junction rectifier Amar is to rent freshers-out-of-college.

While acting on the website development and mobile app development, he completed that each different IT company in Ahmedabad was providing this service. He started group action concepts to ascertain a novel identity for his business wherever his presence of mind came in handy.

At that point, Google had returned up with the abundant talked-about UI toolkit Flutter and in the competition was React Native from Facebook. Since mobile-app development for one developer wasn't appropriate for corporations, they unbroken asking to produce for each automaton and iOS and rent developers for an equivalent. However, iOS developers came resolutely to be terribly pricey. So, Amar is set to change to any cross-platform app development like Flutter, React Native, or additional.

Amar trained the senior developers in his team in Flutter and React Native and that they were skilled enough to show the cluster of junior developers. at the same time, Amar began to rent freelancers to flee the price of recruiting Microsoft-experienced consultants.

They were able to offer iOS and automaton deliverables by victimization Flutter. This gave a grip to the corporate over its competitors as a result of most corporations within the Ahmedabad market were targeted on older technologies. After that, there was no stopping it.


What keeps him motivated?

“My ideology is that if you don’t strive, you won’t apprehend wherever you'll be able to find yourself. It’s higher to own an opportunity instead of no possibilities in the slightest degree. making an attempt is everything which is what unbroken ME actuated,” Amar believes.

Moreover, he had the responsibility to require care of his family when his father’s death created him ne'er hand over on his dreams.

He had his son in 2013 United Nations agency became his absolute strength and significant propulsion in his journey.


Future plans

Even though the corporate is profitable, it's currently in an exceeding position wherever it needs older professionals rather than freelancers, which is able to need a degree of flexibility of funding within the company.

Therefore, consistent with Amar, he's presently specializing in sound some commencement supply, a co-partner or a business planner partner United Nations agency will pour some capital into the business.

He remarked, “I am eyeing 10X growth within the coming back years which is able to need high-skilled and older resources. Once I even have the correct funding to induce such resources aboard, the work will certainly multiply exponentially.”

“Diving into the unknown is that the key to success. it'll sure as shooting be uncomfortable to leave off your temperature however it's price making an attempt. Don’t concern rejections, instead, use them as motivators to maneuver forward,” Amar advocates.

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