Heena Yogesh’s Yuva Soul makes healthy caffeine free Teas while helping women from backward communities to sustain their livelihoods

Caffeine-based products have become a part and parcel of our lives. Without the morning tea or coffee, many of us find it difficult to function throughout the day. Regardless of this, for a lot of individuals, having one cup of a caffeinated drink wouldn’t suffice. According to recent research in 2018, 92 deaths were reported because of caffeine overdose in developed countries like the U.S. This, particularly, happens because of caffeine products like tea, coffee and other supplements. To avoid such a situation, it becomes imperative to regulate the caffeine content in the products that we consume. Having a similar outlook, Heena Yogesh Bheda has started her brand, Yuva Soul, to make non-caffeinated tea and herbal powders.

Heena Yogesh’s Yuva Soul makes healthy caffeine free Teas while helping women from backward communities to sustain their livelihoods

The formation of Yuva Soul

37-year-old Heena Yogesh Bheda launched her brand – Yuva Soul, which makes non-caffeinated teas and health mix powders. Having started off with an initial investment of Rs 2 lakhs, in less than a year, the company is making a revenue of close to Rs 2.5 lakhs month-on-month. “Having been married with two kids for over 15 years, the idea of doing something on my own stemmed from a personal experience,” says the 37-year-old. Heena’s elder son was born seven weeks premature, and while all his parameters were fine at the time of birth, as he grew, he would get tired very quickly upon the slightest physical exertion. One of the things that helped him immensely was the use of moringa leaves powder. “Using this had a visible effect on his immunity and I found that he was falling sick way less,” she says. The thought of exploring this further and doing something with this traditional knowledge had struck then. An extensive research of 3 years went in before she forayed into the market.The lockdown provided her with the much-needed chance to explore this and take it forward.



Heena then did extensive research for three years to know the benefits of using natural herbs and flowers while making tea and other health drinks. An additional opinion was also taken from ayurvedic doctors and other researchers to ensure that the products are beneficial. COVID-19 was the perfect time to launch the brand in the market since people finally understood the importance of personal health. Hence, the brand kick-started intending to improve people’s health that could be at potential risk due to excessive caffeine content.


Natural Products and Benefits

The non-caffeinated tea that is made from Yuva Soul comes in twelve different flavours. However, most of the flavours are predominantly chamomile-based, tulsi-based, hibiscus-based or spearmint-based, Butterfly Blue Pea etc. Keeping these herbs and flowers at the base, the remaining flavours are made. By using these pre-dominant flavours and by grinding the same, each tea flavour gets a unique benefit. “Each tea is unique in its own way. If one has sleeping issues chamomile based teas can be consumed, to beat the morning blues you can have tulsi lemongrass ginger tea, to loose weight moringa mint is the best. For blood-pressures issues, one can have the hibiscus tea and for acne problems, the rose-based tea. One important note is that all of these categories of tea aren’t green tea. People tend to get confused between herbal and green tea. However, these are totally different,” added Heena. For the herbal powders, the main ingredients are moringa and ashwagandha. These age-old ingredients are used to help one maintain their health and keep diseases at bay. “Our grandparents would have probably told us at some point of our lives to consume these products. However, we now have realized how important they actually are for our health. It surely creates a difference,” she adds.

Preparation and Production

One of the benefits of consuming products from Yuva Soul is that the products aren’t age-restricted. Right from a toddler to an old-age person, anyone can have this tea or even herbal powders. The products are also divided into two sizes- one is the starter pack so that people can try out the product and the second being the bigger pack for daily users. The products are between the range of Rs 100- 600.

The herbs are obtained from the farmers in their natural form. After this, they are washed, cleaned and dried so that they can be used to make the tea. The herbs are then crushed and powdered as well


Employing the Backward Communities

Heena was always interested in helping underprivileged people, especially those from backward communities. She always made sure to do her bit for society so that everyone gets an opportunity to earn for the family. “I have always been a firm believer that women tend to get fewer opportunities than men and when they do, it usually includes precarious tasks. Although all the work from getting the raw material to the marketing and sales is done by me,

Where to buy From?
All Yuva Soul products can be delivered to any part of India and they are available on their website www.yuvasoul.com. You can even locate them on major EComm Sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Cred Etc. In case of any special requirement you can reach out to the team at +919344775418

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