Making Impossible Inevitable With E-Summit’22 by E-Cell IIIT Pune

E-Summit'22 is an online entrepreneurship conclave from 19 Mar - 27 Mar 2022 by E-Cell, Indian Institute of Information Technology with 14 unique events, keynote speaker sessions and unique workshops aligned with the latest trends in business and technology.

Making Impossible Inevitable With E-Summit’22 by E-Cell IIIT Pune

The Entrepreneurship Cell of the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Pune steps foot in the startup revolution with E-Summit’22 - the ultimate entrepreneurship conclave of the year - with the most brilliant tagline: Making Impossible Inevitable. E-Summit’22 is a visionary platform to challenge the youth to strive towards being successful entrepreneurs.4


E-Summit'22 by E-Cell IIIT Pune

E-Cell IIIT Pune believes in metaverse supremacy and eliminating geographical barriers when it comes to growth opportunities. E-Summit’22 is themed around Global Financial Capitals in Metaverse and aims to give the taste of globalisation by bringing aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide together and letting them connect with the like-minded without worrying about where they are. 

A gamut of 14 unique and exciting events, 5+ speaker sessions and workshops, E-Summit’22 is a 9-days long online event with the most incredible profusion of entrepreneurship-related challenges to forefront innovation and usher in new ideas. The summit is designed to cover each and every aspect of entrepreneurship from innovation to execution, marketing, prospering, risk management and financial management through challenging yet interesting events like Pitch Perfect, Deal No Deal, Saleable, TopTalks, Stock and Crypto Trading etc. There are also some fun mind-games like Online Treasure Hunt, Brains on Fire and Poker to foster an excited and inspired buzz.

The registrations for E-Summit’22 went live on 2nd March 2022 and the event has already received the enthusiasm of more than 6000 applicants from over 400 colleges across the nation. The summit demands zero registration fee and is open to anyone enrolled in a UG/PG course globally. The final rounds of the events are slated to be held on multiple dates between 19th March - 27th March 2022. 

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E-Cell IIIT Pune is also ready to launch the second season of its remarkable YouTube series - Breaking Conventions - wherein acclaimed entrepreneurs share their ideas and stories. The first season has received more than 1 lakh impressions since its launch and the second one is ready to set a much greater benchmark as E-Cell IIIT Pune shook hands with some of the most distinguished entrepreneurial figures including Mr. Arjun Vaidya (Founder of Dr. Vaidya's), Ms. Mahalakshmi Saravana (Founder, Women Entrepreneurs India), Mr. Prasoon Gupta (CEO & Co-Founder, Sattviko), Mr. Paresh Gupta (Founder & CEO, GCEC) and  Ms. Himanshi Singh (Educator & Youtuber). These keynote speaker sessions will be held live from 25th March - 27th March on the E-Cell IIIT Pune YouTube channel, igniting the entrepreneurial spirits of the viewers.

Breaking Conventions:

E-Summit’22 will be organising unique workshops aligned with the latest trends in business and technology including but not limited to Digital Marketing, Web 3.0, NFTs, Stock Marketing, Crypto Trading, Futures and Options. These workshops will help beginners step foot in the world of creators by acquiring more skills and knowledge of emerging technologies and business trends. 

With a whopping cash prize pool of more than INR 2,00,000, E-Cell IIIT Pune leaves no effort in motivating the young entrepreneurs out there to showcase their promising innovative skills and the ability to create change. Flawless and Hooked Up With Design - the two most unique events under E-Summit’22 - offer the highest cash prize pool of INR 30,000 each. There’s an additional promise of exciting goodies worth more than INR 5,00,000 and internship opportunities for the participants. 

E-Cell IIIT Pune witnessed a whole year of success since its establishment in December 2020 with three mega-events and a brand new YouTube series. It has been staying put to its provocative belief in Think. Innovate. Sell. Prosper. by constantly bringing newer opportunities to the table. E-Summit’22 is its largest initiative that aims to help the community of entrepreneurs boost their entrepreneurial temperament, elevate existing entrepreneurial skills and establish new ones.

While E-Cell IIIT Pune is all geared up to make an impression in the startup community this E-Summit’22, it will keep pushing through to emerge as one of the leading entrepreneurial student communities.

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