Elite Entrepreneurs Club (EEC) Gathering: A Fusion of Innovation and Culinary Delight

Yesterday's EEC meeting was nothing short of inspirational and delightful. We kicked off with an amazing short session by Uma Mansharamani about setting the intent for 2024 and visualising success.

Elite Entrepreneurs Club (EEC) Gathering: A Fusion of Innovation and Culinary Delight

Followed by vibrant round of introductions, where each member shared their unique awesomeness, setting the tone for an evening of insightful exchanges.

???? Disrupting Industries: A One-Page Business Map
Suresh Mansharamani co founder eec conducted an amazing session titled “How to Disrupt Your Industry and Map Your Business on One Page.”

It was an interactive journey, exploring innovative strategies to redefine our respective industries and simplify complex business models into a single, impactful page.

???? Spotlight on Kaushal Kishore Singh
In the much-anticipated 'hot seat' segment, we had the pleasure of hosting Kaushal Kishore Singh. A seasoned player in government contracting, Kaushal opened up about his challenge of securing timely funding for project execution.

The mastermind session that followed was a brainstorming powerhouse, with members offering brilliant suggestions and solutions.

???? Culinary Creations and Toasts to Success
As the evening drew to a close, we transitioned into a more relaxed setting. The atmosphere was filled with the clinking of glasses and the aroma of specially curated dishes, masterfully prepared by our chef.

It was the perfect blend of intellectual stimulation and gastronomic pleasure.

Special Thanks to Saransh Gupta for organising the meeting.

EEC is more than just a meeting place; it's our "Third Place." Here, we don't just network — we forge long-term relationships, learn together, and grow collectively. Proud to be part of this journey of continuous growth and mutual success.

Looking forward to our next rendezvous!


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