Best Startup accelerators in USA

Best startup accelerators fuel startups and start-ups with welcoming communities and fresh capital. These services offer mentorship and venture resources in exchange for equity.

Best Startup accelerators  in USA

Global Best startup accelerators fuel startups and start-ups with welcoming communities and a great deal of fresh capital. These services offer mentorship and venture resources in exchange for equity. This is set up to help start-ups grow over a period of three to four months.

In addition to investment, Best startup accelerators typically offer their startups free office space, business and management consulting, product feedback, and investor access in the form of a demo day.

On the demo days, the creators will show their pitch deck to an audience of angel capitalists as well as to members of Venture Capital companies. Take a look at the pitch deck template created by the legend of Silicon Valley, Peter Thiel, for a winning deck.

Workers in Best startup accelerators programmes take into account several different themes while analysing applications, such as working with a wide sector, getting a daring and mad concept, demonstrating some sort of momentum or indications that the business would be able to achieve a goal whilst in the programme – yet the team behind the business is the most different and most significant.

Going to any of these programmes is quite challenging, since the admission rate may be as little as 1.5 per cent. In that case, only 106 places will be available for every 7,000 applications. For contrast, Stanford 's student approval rate is 5.1 per cent and Harvard's acceptance rate is about 5.9 per cent.

The 20 Best startup accelerators are companies in Shenzhen, Sofia, Buenos Aires, New York, Brussels and Toronto. This demonstrates that while Silicon Valley can be the most developed VC and start-up centre on the map, it now has an intense amount of rivalry from all sorts of locations across the globe.

(1) Y Combinator

Number of investment: 1,834

Number of exits: 192

Mountain View, California, USA

 About: Y Combinator is a leader in the Best startup accelerators space of the startup. The accelerator funds a group of new startups with 120k each year. A amount that has been lowered to minimise tension between the creators. Thus far, the businesses concerned have had a total value of over 100B. Some of the most notable ones include: Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Reddit, Twitch, Coinbase, and Weebly.

(2) 500 startups

Amount of investment: 1,694

Number of exits: 162

Mountain View, California, USA

About: 500 Startups is a seed and early stage investment capital company composed of 4 main funds and 13 micro funds that have participated in startups in at least 60 countries. Funded start-ups include Udemy and Credit Karma. Exits contained sales to Google and Rakuten. 500 Startups have recently gained equity from the Abu Dhabi Financial Community, granting the company one of the remaining two board positions.

(3) Techstars

Amount of investment: 1,557

Exit number: 134

Location: Boulder, Colorado, United States

 About: Techstars supports, mentors and speed up start-ups. Its Best startup accelerators programme has produced more than 1,000 companies worth more than 8B. Techstars is the name behind Startup Week and Startup Weekend, which inspires founders to step forward and initiate fresh projects in a matter of hours.

(4) Plug and Play

Number of investment: 731

Range of exits: 60

Site: Sunnyvale, California, USA

About: Plug and Play Ventures accounted for 51% of the investments in pre-seeded companies, completed 8 exits in 2017, invested in 262 new start-ups last year and hosts networking activities every day. The in-house VC accelerator is allegedly able to write checks from 25,000 to 500,000. Its portfolio companies have raised a total of 7B.

(5) Mass Challenge

Number of investments: 1,387;

Exit number: 39

Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

About: Although based in Boston, MassChallenge has Best startup accelerators programmes around the world, with locations in Israel, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Switzerland. In the last 8 years, the accelerator says that its start-ups have created 80,000 jobs. The software seems to be strong with Biotech and Fintech.

(6) SOSV

Number of investment: 1,152

Exit number: 23

Location: Princeton, New Jersey, United States

About: SOSV closed its own third round of funding for $150 million in January 2017. Sean O'Sullivan's 'VC accelerator' prides itself on creating real products, not just digital ones. Accessing actual laboratories and production spaces continues to be popular among food science and biotech start-ups.

7) Startupbootcamp

Number of investments: 424

Range of exits: 21

Location: London, United Kingdom

About: Startupbootcamp operates IOT, Fintech, Insurtech and Foodtech programmes around the world from Singapore to London, Mexico City, Mumbai, Dublin, Dubai and Amsterdam. To date Startupbootcamp  is a Best startup accelerators with an estimated investment volume of EUR 1.168 million.


8) Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF)

Number of investment: 335

Range of exits: 21

Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

About: The Best startup accelerators specializes in Cyber Security, Retail, edtech, Edutech, Big Data and IOT startups. Every year more than 4,500 startups enrol in the simple online curriculum, with 20,000 attending activities and hackathons

(9) Wayra

Number of investment: 960

Range of exits: 18

Location: Slough, Buckinghamshire, UK

About: Wayra originated in Latin America is the Best startup accelerators, that travelled to Spain before launching in the United Kingdom. The accelerator is financially backed by one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, Telephonic. Wayra invests up to 50k in startups and boasts that 45 percent of its ventures have female founders.

10) The start-up of Chile

Amount of investment: 837

Number of exits: 16

Location: in Santiago, Chile


Startup-Chile appears to be one of the most active, unique and fastest-growing and the Best startup accelerators programmes in the world. It was launched by the Chilean government to spur investment and attract entrepreneurs. Accepted entrepreneurs can receive up to 80k in free equity and 100k in perks. Start-Up Chile also offers a pre-acceleration programme for startups led by female founders called The S Factory.

With this in mind , it is important to find out the Best startup accelerators who is been able to raise 493 M with a fraction of the portfolio companies that other top-tier and the Best startup accelerators systems have.

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