Daulat - Making it easier and smarter for Indians to invest

Today's investors frequently invest based on what they read online or hear from friends/family, leading to a disorganised portfolio devoid of a long-term plan and a sense of purpose.

Daulat - Making it easier and smarter for Indians to invest

What Indians do now in terms of investing?

A growing number of people are getting their feet wet in the world of investing thanks to the proliferation of do-it-yourself investment applications. But in the end, that turned out to be somewhat of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it assisted in the entry of a great number of people into the financial markets. But this also contributed to the development of incorrect ideas and expectations regarding the behaviour of markets.
Investing is a process that requires a lot of time. It constitutes a whole field of study all by itself. As a result, it is possible to be quite naive in believing that it is something that can be accomplished by supinely lounging on a sofa and pressing a few buttons here and there. We had witnessed many people, particularly millennials, spending a significant amount of time using a variety of these do-it-yourself apps in an effort to construct the optimally optimised portfolio by selecting the best-performing funds from each category, but they were unsuccessful in their efforts.
After confirming the presence of these issues and recognising the need that was left by DIY apps, the Daulat platform was developed. We provide every Indian a superior investment experience to help them accomplish their monetary objectives and realise their full potential.

Investment Alternatives for Indians.

The last 18 to 24 months of the pandemic caused a loss of both perspective and structure in the investing world, which is one of the reasons why we at Daulat have made it our mission to assist Indians in becoming better investors. In order to achieve this goal, we put the entire concept of investing into a much greater context.
Our DMAS (Daulat Multi-Asset Solutions) portfolios are at the centre of the Daulat business model. These customised portfolios take into account both the art and the science of investing, therefore assisting you in maintaining a systematic approach to your financial decisions.
However, it is not the end of the story. In addition, we keep a close eye on the investor's portfolio to determine whether or not it is on track to achieve the investor's objectives. Make regular contact with them to confirm that we are using the most recent version of the information they have provided. In addition, if they have any current assets that may require a review since there is a possibility that they are not in line with their financial goals, we will take care of that for them as well.
We want each and every Indian to be able to realise their monetary potential and have an equal opportunity to succeed in life. Giving today's young of the country the means to become financially self-sufficient not only paves the way for them to have a better life for themselves but also for the generations who will follow after them.

This is where the idea for Daulat came from.

Daulat Finvest was established by Varun Fatehpuria, who also serves as the company's CEO. Before he started this, he was a co-leader of a real estate development company in Kolkata for a period of three years. He began his professional career working for Bloomberg, and then got the opportunity to join the real estate private equity team at Blackstone, one of the most successful asset managers in the world, while working in Hong Kong.
Varun has been actively investing his money for a number of years at this point. It all started for him as soon as he received his very first pay check from his job in Hong Kong.
As time went on, he gradually transitioned from managing his own little corpus to managing the assets of his friends and family. He was astounded by the number of his friends and family members who made financial decisions based on what they read or heard in the media, only to find themselves with a haphazard collection of investments and no discernible long-term plan.
The month of March in 2020 marked a turning point. Everyone was getting antsy as a result of the fluctuations in the stock market. Nobody had ever experienced anything even like to this, therefore there was no playbook for them to consult.
As an investor, at times like this, you try to search for some comfort in anything you can find. And ideally from a person who possesses a specific degree of competence in addition to a given amount of experience in the field.
As a result, he started getting phone calls from some of those friends and family members who would ask him for guidance on how they should react to this circumstance, what should their portfolio look like, and other such questions. And in all honesty, in that very instant was when the seed of the concept for Daulat was first planted.

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