Creating Opportunities in Digital Marketing influenced Raja ’s vision

The digitalised world has opened enormous opportunities for inquisitive minds. A true learner finds its way amidst all the odds life offers.

Creating Opportunities in Digital Marketing influenced Raja ’s vision

Being in the computer industry for over two decades, Raja Pantham had no idea in his mind that creating a strong virtual presence could be so beneficial for him. His struggles in life made him an ardent believer in his passion to create employment opportunities for the have nots section of society. Meanwhile, he experienced that digital marketing career is filled with aspirants who have a desire to learn the new ways of business and marketing. To make a mark as a pioneer, he commenced his initiative to seek new technologies to stay in tune with latest Digital Marketing strategies.


His endeavours raised many startups to new heights. He started mentoring business houses to comprehend the new ways of doing business in the era of machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Due to the immense credibility of the work, Raja made his presence across borders on foreign lands which includes his projects in UAE, UK and South Africa.


Raja believes in the utterance, “ Change is inevitable” and to keep it on his forefront he started using his potential in other opportunities that came his way. He accepts the challenges as the stepping stones to success and enjoys every moment of life that gives him a learning. ‘There is no substitute to hard work’ is a phrase that goes aptly with this industrious entrepreneur.


Raja’s thoughts get a profound place in the books authored by him. His ideas have become a guiding spirit for the youth who is stepping into the digital world with zero experience and high aspirations.


Mr. Pantham is a family person and feels in updating himself as a learner each passing day. Being an avid reader, he constantly stirs fire in his dreams through the knowledge he acquires through his readings.


His pillar of support is his wife and kids are like a stress buster to him. Every moment spent with them is worth enjoying life. His family support makes him stand through tough situations in life and motivates him to perform better than before.


Raja’s way of taking a break from a work is doing another work. He elaborates that three skills are not taught in universities, the 3 "N"s which are the most important skills in our life, job and business are Negotiation Skill, Networking Skill and  the art of saying No.


These skills are used everyday in our life and in every phase of life. Explaining about these skills, Mr. Pantham says, “ I am grateful to meet wonderful people early in my life who became my textbooks for the top 3 skills, where I learned Negotiation skills from Mr. Dinesh Heda who is a God-given brother, and learned Saying No without hurting the other person from Mr. Sirish Dayata, who is a partner, guide and philosopher and one of the most important skills of networking learned from BNI organization which not only made me a strong networker also helped me to speak in front of 1000s of the audience with confidence.”


This is how he expressed his gratitude to the wonderful organization called BNI which indeed made him a person who he is. A humble and down to earth person, Mr. Raja has a takeaway from every individual who happens to be a part of his journey. He loves to add value to others' lives with his knowledge and learning.


Mr. Raja can foresee that every business will be making digital marketing a part of their business and there is a great opportunity for the young generation to settle in this industry as no business, whatsoever industry they are into will not survive without adapting to digital ways and online presence. The world is experiencing a greater shift in the time to come where moving ahead means having a strong virtual presence.


Mr. Pantham is empowering youth through his training programs. His digital strategies are result oriented and have made a remarkable difference in the business profits of his clients. His training programs are structured around the techniques and methodologies that can be used in digital marketing.


This dynamic individual has an urge to help small and medium business owners to reach more audiences and expand their footprint PAN India and beyond. His positive approach towards his work commitments has gained him a name which everyone can trust upon.


While motivating his audience, Raja often quotes that mindfulness is the key to success. He truly affirms this statement as a conscious mind has a potential to create novel ideas which can pave the way to success.


Raja Pantham has become a voice that echoes in virtual platforms as a social media expert. His journey has become an inspiration to many career oriented students.


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