Crazy, Genius, Behaviors & Mindsets, Become an Entrepreneur Only Because You're An Original Thinker

A special community of people are entrepreneurs. They don't just think differently; they behave differently. To come up with concepts that straddle the line between crazy and genius, they draw on character characteristics, behaviours and mindsets. But that doesn't mean you're cut out to be an entrepreneur only because you're an original thinker and came up with an idea to replace gasoline in automobiles.

Crazy, Genius, Behaviors & Mindsets, Become an Entrepreneur Only Because You're An Original Thinker

Check out the following list if you've ever wondered if you're an entrepreneur. You may not have all these characteristics or talents, but this is a pretty good indication that you have what it takes if you have any.

  • You come from a family of people who have actually been unable to work for anyone else. Your parents worked on their own. While this is not true for every entrepreneur with one or both parents having been self-employed, many have a family background.  
  • You're despised by the status quo. You're a person who still asks why the things they do are done by people. You aspire to change things and can take action on them.
  • Self-confident, you are. Have you ever met an entrepreneur who was self-loathing or pessimistic? After all, how can anyone trust in you if you don't have confidence? For all-around them, most entrepreneurs are very positive.
  • You're impassioned. When you spend an enormous amount of time and do not make a dime, there will be days. It is the passion you have that will keep you going.
  • For an answer, you don't take no. An entrepreneur doesn't ever give up — ever.
  • Due to the ability to connect the dots, you have the ability to build unexpected alliances from out of nowhere. Since you are likable, people seem to gravitate towards you. This is also because of your enthusiasm.
  • You spend more time than your partner or significant other with your co-founder.
  • You, like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Mark Zuckerberg, dropped out of college.
  • From the bedroom to the living room is the daily commute to the office.
  • You've always been a bad worker and you've probably been thrown out a lot. Don't think about it; you aren't alone. In my life, I personally have been shot many times. Don't take this as a sign of being a bad guy. It's in your DNA sometimes.
  • You've always opposed power; that's why you had a problem keeping a job down.
  • You think there is more than one definition of job security: you understand that your job is secure as long as you are in charge, as opposed to depending on a supervisor who after a short mistake, could destroy your career.
  • Much of your wardrobe is made up of T-shirts; you probably got some at SXSW. Others display the name or logo of your company.
  • You have a competitive character and are prepared to lose. You always know that something better can be done by you.
  • When you wake up in the morning, you search GitHub.
  • You ask yourself to pay for game tickets, shoes, or something else you love. There's just some stuff that's better than money, right?
  • Your holiday concept is a working day without something that interferes with the things that you really need to get accomplished.
  • You're unemployable, and with that, nothing's wrong. Life skills at 9-to-5 gigs are more useful than workplace politics usually found.
  • You work about 60 hours a week but when you were in high school, you made more money from an hourly job.
  • You want your own company to be in charge and order. Usually, you like to supervise most things that are going on in your company.
  • Everywhere you see possibilities. You step into a house for example and are curious about its value or the companies inside.
  • The term "pitch" has no association with baseball anymore.
  • You take a test of personality, as provided by the Enneagram Institute, and end up with a result that calls you a "reformer type," a purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionist.
  • You know that those nearest to power outlets are the best seats at your favorite coffee shops.
  • With thoughts about how to correct issues and the overall situation, you are a critical thinker.
  • Have you reviewed to see if there's an app for that, speaking of problem-solving? Maybe you've already started to build a business model and architecture of the program to see if it's possible.
  • You're a guy for people. You don't have a problem engaging with others.
  • You quote Steve Jobs frequently, mostly to prevent yourself from falling to bits.
  • You were selling things like a kid at a lemonade stand. Heck, you were likely one of the top sellers when there were class sales.
  • From people you follow on Twitter, you get more SMS updates than from actual friends listed in your address book.
  • You're a self-starter, which means you're not giving up on a project until it's over.
  • You still think about it in terms of delivering a return on investment, no matter what you do daily.
  • Your dress code is shabby chic, and only gathering dust in your outfit. You choose every day with T-shirts and jeans over a suit.
  • You're impractical. You sort of have to be this way as an inventor or innovator.
  • Outside of the package, you suppose. What's going to improve if not?
  • You are an individual who is charming and charismatic.
  • For you, the rules don't apply. We're not talking about the rule being violated. Instead, to make things run smoothly, you believe in productivity and can bend rules.
  • You know you can't do it on your own. You have an idea and can encourage it, but you also know that you are not professional at running a company for any job.
  • You're being very opinionated. That's another reason a lot of you were shot.
  • Unpredictable, you are. You know how easily things can change as an entrepreneur. Thankfully, you're eager and able to make changes.
  • You like being at a party, but you do not like being alone very much. When interacting with groups of more than four individuals, you are possibly the most enthusiastic.
  • You're resolute. To make the unthinkable real, you have to.
  • You've got the love of your family and friends. These are the ones who pick you up. And they'll be there along the way to help you.
  • Taking a nap under your desk is common for you to catch up on sleep. Having eight hours of sleep, after all, sometime before 10 p.m. Yes, and 6 a.m. That's antiquated.
  • You did business studies. You know that just because you've got an unbelievable idea doesn't mean it's profitable. But you have already looked at whether the order would be made by consumers.
  • You surround yourself with people of quality—not leeches who are going to drag you down.
  • You're out there a bunch. It takes a mad-genius kind of person to have the ability to make something out of nothing. Note, before he proved the theory of relativity, people believed Albert Einstein was insane.
  • Have you ever asked your family, friends, or significant others to give you an invitation to a calendar so you can chat for five minutes?
  • You believe that more than money is worth your time.
  • Your spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend) completely understood what you were saying during your most recent rant about development hacking.

Even if you don't have all the above characteristics right now over time, you will possibly grow more of them. Being an entrepreneur is, after all, a lifestyle, not a job or hobby.

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