By assembling a formidable team of 120 compliance professionals in Bengaluru, India, Global PCCS's founder, Prabhakar Y B, has established himself as a global leader in the compliance arena.

Prabhakar Y. B is a young entrepreneur and visionary leader with 18+ years of experience in the compliance and sustainability industries. He founded Worldwide PCCS, a Compliance, Training, and Consulting Services firm, to assist global businesses in the automotive and other manufacturing industries.

By assembling a formidable team of 120 compliance professionals in Bengaluru, India, Global PCCS's founder, Prabhakar Y B, has established himself as a global leader in the compliance arena.

As a result of a flurry of commercial and regulatory changes that are raising the stakes for compliance, organisations in today's world are confronted with a challenge that they have to overcome. A tough environment has been created for compliance professionals across all industries as a result of the rapid speed of regulatory change, the convergence of international standards, and the competition from new market entrants. This competition is pushing increasing consumer and technological demands. As the subject's significance reaches a tipping point, there is a rising demand for compliance engineers all across the world.

The world of regulatory compliance is one that is constantly shifting to keep up with new requirements, and the number of obligations is only growing.

Companies that manufacture products and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) need to continually adapt their compliance management function to ensure that their products are in compliance with the more stringent rules that are being implemented in a variety of nations.

Four decades of age Prabhakar Y. B. is the Founder and CEO of Global PCCS, which is a world leader in the Compliance, Training, and Consulting Services industry. This industry assists global manufacturer firms in complying with the requirements of the many regulatory agencies. The company began its operations with the goal of offering manufacturing businesses all over the world with environmental regulatory services that are comprehensive and in compliance with all applicable regulations. We have been able to provide comprehensive training and consulting services for regulatory compliance with the support of his strong leadership and the brilliant members of his team.

Compliance and Environmental Stewardship When a customer business uses Global PCCS, implementing compliance and environmental stewardship measures is simple and straightforward. Together with the rest of the team at Global PCCS, Prabhakar has put in a lot of effort to establish a business that is unparalleled in the level of quality it is committed to providing. Prabhakar is intent on constructing a company that will always be at the forefront of its industry.

The young businessperson, after having been successful in establishing this enterprise, provided Global PCCS with a new direction in the sphere of Compliance and Sustainability domain by establishing the most powerful and largest professional team in Bengaluru, India. This was accomplished.

In the year 2018, Prabhakar started down the path toward establishing himself as an independent business owner after he realised that compliance and sustainability had a huge market potential and a terrific prospect to aid multinational businesses.

After devoting a significant amount of time to learning the fundamentals and putting them into place, he realised that manufacturers required additional knowledge in the fields of compliance and sustainability. As a result, he came to the conclusion that he needed to put together a powerful and experienced team in these areas. Working with engineering colleges was, in his opinion, an excellent method to acquire human resources and assist them in growing over the course of a year. He also realised that having a solid understanding of compliance was vital in order to offer services to global manufacturers.

All large and small businesses all around the world put their faith in Global PCCS as their most reliable business partner. Each year, we provide assistance to more than 400 businesses and facilitate the education of more than 1000 individuals regarding worldwide regulations.

Global PCCS has swiftly become the undisputed industry leader in the compliance and sustainability space thanks to the highly qualified, knowledgeable, competent, and experienced professionals it has on staff. In the year 2022, the most successful corporate compliance services provider is Global PCCS. The purpose of Global PCCS is to ensure that manufacturers comply with the regulations and fulfil their commitments by providing best practise compliance services that are customised to the business needs of the company.

New Objectives: As of right now, Prabhakar's objectives are to hire more than 200 qualified experts by the year 2024 and achieve net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2027. Prabhakar aims to persuade the corporation to use a greater number of environmentally friendly technology and sources of renewable energy. In addition to that, one of his goals is to urge employees to make their daily commutes to work in electric vehicles and to encourage employees to work from home as a method to achieve a better work-life balance.

Because of Prabhakar's initiative, all of the training materials have been successfully converted to digital format 100% of the time. This has resulted in a savings of 50,000 printed pages annually and an improvement in the sustainability of training. Sustainable Initiatives When it comes to the day-to-day operations of the company, Prabhakar has made every effort to reduce waste and implement a plan that is more environmentally friendly.

Globally Connected: Prabhakar put into place a compliance system that was not just for compliance but also for the development of infrastructure, the upskilling of people, and the provision of supporting services in developing and growing countries. It has played a significant role in the establishment of cooperation with India, Germany, Tunisia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Thailand, and Vietnam. Because of this, Global PCCS is able to provide 100% offshore and on-site services in any location around the world.


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Prabhakar also trains teams at local training centres (in local languages) to support local small and medium companies. This aspect of the company's social mission is described. Prabhakar's lifelong mission has been to do what he can to help make the world a better place and to provide something meaningful back to society.

Today, Global PCCS is recognised as the world's preeminent provider of compliance management services to manufacturers in the automotive, electrical and electronics, aerospace, chemical, and textile industries.

Digital Initiatives: Prabhakar is also aware that the development of mobile apps would be of great benefit to manufacturers, as everyone in the world uses their smartphones and apps to access information and education of various kinds. Prabhakar believes that this is an opportunity that manufacturers should not pass up. As a result, Prabhakar's intentions involve developing a mobile application for the compliance industry. He has long harboured the ambition of being the first person in the world to possess such a mobile application. In the end, he was able to finish it during the month of October 2022, and he presented it at the worldwide AIAG IMDS conference that was held in Southfield, which is a neighbourhood of Detroit, in the United States. The Global PCCS mobile app is a One platform to acquire all the latest updates, trends, and training on the regulations and specialties listed below that are connected to compliance and sustainability.

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Global PCCS Specialties : 

Compliance : IMDS, ELV (End of Life Vehicle), CDX, REACH, SVHC's, ROHS, Conflict Mineral (CMRT), CRT, MRT, BPR, Chesharpa, VOC's, POP's, RRR (Reuse, Recycle & Recovery), SCIP, CAMDS, PROP-65, TSCA, PoP's, PFAS, , EPR, DfE, CMR, and Dangerous Goods Regulations. 

Sustainability: LCA, Carbon Neutrality, Carbon offsets, ESG, Circular Economy, GRI, BRSR Reporting, CDP Reporting, EPD, and ECO Labelling etc.

ISO Standards: Supplier Audit, QMS, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 etc

World Leader in Compliance – Global PCCS is a world leader in compliance and leading companies projects like 8 OEM’s and 400+ component manufacturers globally.

Freedom to Work: Global PCCS gives freedom to employees to work in a way they feel comfortable with and where employees can work as per their time and schedule.: Global PCCS offers a hybrid work culture to its employees. With Global PCCS, you get to work from anywhere and anytime you want. That's the beauty of working with Global PCCS. 

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