Anupam Sharma : How to find opportunity in Cryptoverse and stay ahead of the crowd!

Whenever the world is on the verge of revolution, thought leaders emerge who believe in an idea so much that they bring it into existence. When the world dwells within the comfort of familiarity and institutions, someone breaks the loop and opens the world to new possibilities.

Anupam Sharma : How to find opportunity in Cryptoverse and stay ahead of the crowd!

Anupam Sharma, with his abundant faith and foresight about Cryptocurrency, has become the voice driving people to a better and digital tomorrow. He is the founder and CEO at  ESPL, a blockchain-based service company,  and is an active investor in various DeFi and startups.


Anupam Sharma is a serial entrepreneur who started his journey when he was just 18.

With his insight into the working and growing potential of CryptoCurrency, his brand-new venture is changing the face of the Blockchain.


Back in 2017, the interest in crypto unfolded, while he was striving on his ways to come up with a better approach to trade globally.With his series of different start-ups, he is committed to making decentralised finance a household name. He is one of the first ethical hackers to unveil the hacking of SIM cards and  has penned several articles on the same for publications like, and others. He has also been acclaimed for his research article on Sim Card Hacking. More of his previous work on ventures such as arweave, audis, and serum has contributed in developing the project he envisioned.


It’s no wonder that the crypto’s mania has already spawned a new generation of investors.

With all of the mining news and curiosity, Anupam has some insightful innuendo for the novice.

Commencing with the kind of tools to be used to the logarithm of the industry and establishing connections in this domain.His noteworthy tip also suggests that one can link through Telegram groups to amplify the grasp of these industry connections.


Number of possibilities that one should be mindful ahead of making any impulsive decision. Hereby the accomplished has outlined some distinct viewpoints. He believes in before putting up with any futuristic move, one must thoroughly research and explore the domain. Investors are advised to consider their options and select the asset that best meets their needs. The early investors must establish a goal, which will assist them in making timely decisions, such as when to sell an asset and when to purchase more of the same.


There are plenty of tools available to ease the way to figure out how (and where) to keep track of one's currencies. Anupam advises us to choose our tools wisely, where some of his reliable choices are CoinMarketCap, 3commas, etc.


The constant search for upcoming technologies and emerging startups, has additionally thrilled him to develop his very own platform which not only contributes for crypto enthusiasts but also helps the novice investors to have better insight in the world of Crypto.


Unireview is a platform or a development of a 'review chain' that runs through the Blockchain like arteries.

Anupam has also recently begun hosting a Fireside Chat for Crypto entrepreneurs with startupgrind, streaming on Coinaudit YouTube channel.


Allowing people to submit reviews, feedback, opinions and ratings, UniReview is turning the Blockchain's image from a garage of risks to a garden of opportunities. To quote Anupam on his recent venture, “If every coin has two sides, Unireview helps you tell the head from the tail of Cryptocurrencies.”






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