Techrupt Innovations is a business accelerator that helps entrepreneurs secure funding and create groundbreaking technologies that might one day be worth billions.

We offer our technical support to startups in their early development stages. Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) are what we specialise in creating and improving, and we're there for you every step of the way, from initial concept to final deployment and beyond.

Techrupt Innovations is a business accelerator that helps entrepreneurs secure funding and create groundbreaking technologies that might one day be worth billions.

Techrupt Innovations

Techrupt Innovations is a boutique startup accelerator that works with chosen founders to build solutions that have the potential to become tomorrow's unicorns. If you have an idea that has the potential to change the world but you need assistance developing the technology, establishing the business, or securing finance, we might be the appropriate partner for you to team up with and implement your idea. At TRI, we provide our founders with the resources and support they need to develop their unique business concepts into enterprises that are not only forward-thinking but also lucrative.

What makes Techrupt Innovations unique?

We operate on a model that requires less cash and equity than most other digital companies do. We put a significant amount of our own money and resources into developing items for our business partners. Their success directly correlates to our own.

In what way are Techrupt Innovations helping people?

We provide early-stage entrepreneurs our technical help and assistance. We produce and enhance Minimum Viable Products (also known as MVPs), and we are there with you through each and every stage of the process, from design to development to deployment and beyond.

  • Which technology stack is the most suitable for you?
    Tech stack is the essential core of any product; at Techrupt, we advise entrepreneurs and businesses on the optimal tech stack for developing a robust and scalable product. Tech stack is the fundamental core of any product.
  • How can I construct the most effective technology stack?
    Our team conducts an analysis to determine the most efficient way to install your technology stack at the lowest possible cost. Skilled developers and experienced individuals from the relevant sector make up the Techrupt team.
  • Research on design.
    The way in which the user connects with and interacts with the technology is directly indicated by the design. Following the completion of our tried-and-true research procedures, we will ascertain the essential elements that constitute the criteria that must be satisfied when developing a product in order to more effectively engage the user.
  • The standard of the code and the review
    The code serves as the basis for your product; hence, the more organised and dependable the code is, the more successfully your product will scale. Our experts perform the role of code quality testers, assisting in the discovery of potential weak spots and ensuring that your technology utilises the most dependable and clutter-free code possible.
  • The product's capacity to scale up or down
    When it comes to the planning of a technological product, scalability is one of the most significant aspects to take into consideration. Techrupt provides founders of startups with assistance in determining how to grow their product in the most efficient and economical manner feasible.

Market & strategy Techrupt Innovations

The market for IT services is enormous, but we distinguish ourselves from the competition by focusing on new businesses. Those people who are willing to take a chance are the ones who we wish to assist. The realisation of a fantastic plan requires even more extraordinary execution. We have put together teams that specialise in app development, website development, software development, artificial intelligence development, e-commerce store development, and NFT collection development so that we can assist founders.

Techrupt intends to continue collaborating with a diverse range of startups as well as companies by offering Custom Solutions for the creation of mobile apps, online apps, software, and AI/ML. In addition, one of our primary goals is to be of assistance to founders of early-stage startups by assisting them with both the technical and non-technical parts of their businesses.

Founders of Techcrupt Innovations

Techrupt Innovations is a world-class technology partner and startup accelerator that was established by students at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. We are a group of people that are passionate about starting new businesses, including engineers, and businesspeople. We provide comprehensive solutions that assist in the establishment of successful enterprises. We take great satisfaction in delivering technological solutions that meet the "Silicon Valley Standard" and in assisting our business partners in constructing successful enterprises from the bottom up.

Vishesh Gupta

Extremely enthusiastic about the advancement of technology and new ideas. Extensive background working for startups. Expert in the process of incubating startup teams, conceiving of novel concepts, developing, bringing to market, monetizing, and scaling up user base and revenues. Strong advocate for the cooperation between industry and academics as well as the process of developing alliances. I absolutely adore starting from scratch and establishing successful enterprises.

Naresh Gupta

Senior Management Executive with more than 27 years of extensive experience of leading teams working on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, Mobile Health, Security, Multimedia, Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi, GPS, NFC, Sub-GHz, Embedded Software, Semiconductor IP Development, Fintech, and Gaming.

Ben Chrzanowski

In addition to being a second-year student at the Isenberg School of Management studying Finance, He is now a member of the Division I baseball team for the Minutemen. a fan of new businesses, and He have a strong interest in the fields of venture capital, capital markets, and environmental science. In addition, He take great satisfaction in his abilities as an entrepreneur, a researcher, and an analyst.

Setuj Gupta

A natural entrepreneur who is also a hustler in everyday life. My deepest interests are in the development of online businesses and cutting-edge technologies. Learning new things and continually expanding my understanding of the significance of innovation are two things that I plan to do for the rest of my life.

In addition to working in the field of Internet business creation and development, I have gained a substantial grasp of business development and marketing, user interface and user experience, and the operation of various technological systems.

Creating new businesses and aiding their creators in bringing their products to market is a passion of mine. We are receptive to any and all novel concepts, and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with their creators.

Equipped with a strong grasp of the lean business model methodology and fluent in a wide range of design tools. Someone who reads a lot and has a lot of interest in the field of artificial intelligence.

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