Since 1995, Ronak Papad has been adding spice to your meals.

In many Indian households, papad is consumed with every meal, including breakfast. Papad is an ageless dish appreciated by people of all ages. Everyone desires that their papad be the most delicious. While there are other papad makers in India, Ronak Papad And Spices has been satisfying the palates of countless Indians for the past 27 years.

Since 1995, Ronak Papad has been adding spice to your meals.

Purshottam Bhavsar started the business in 1995 with the intention of providing customers with spices and papad of the highest possible quality.

Purshottam Bhavsar, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, was born and raised in Burhanpur, which is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. As part of his efforts to find a "greener" Pasteur, he uprooted his family and relocated to Ahmedabad. Bhavsar was unable to find a job that would allow him to provide adequately for his family, so he started selling the homemade papads that his wife cooked. These papads gained a large following very quickly.

Purshottam Bhavsar saw this as an opportunity to construct his own brand because there was little competition in the market. As a result, he quickly established Ronak. In the evenings, Purshottam would go from house to house in the neighbourhood selling papads that his wife had made in bulk with the assistance of other women in the area.

He also began including an additional masala sachet within the papad packages so that customers could customise the flavour of the papad by sprinkling it on top of the papad after it was already prepared. This idea struck a chord with people, and it didn't take long for Ronak Papad to become a household name.

What was once a relatively insignificant endeavour has now become far more significant. In the past 27 years, Ronak Papad has seen a significant transition, shifting from being produced by hand locally by women to being manufactured by machine.

Vishal Bhavsar, son of Purshottam Bhavsar, graduated with a degree in electrical engineering and joined the family firm in 2015. Today, he is the one in charge of running the company, continuing in his father's footsteps.

In spite of numerous challenges, including as the COVID-19 pandemic, Ronak Papad & Spices has managed to remain in business. The father and son team has never stopped trying new things with their papads, even going so far as to make a papad that weighs one kilogramme on occasion.

Ronak Papad began with a meagre profit of Rs. 4 on its first day of business and has since grown to manufacture approximately 400 kilogrammes of papad every day.

It is now possible to purchase ronak papad not just in the state of Gujarat but also in a number of other states and cities, including Maharashtra.

A factory has just been acquired by the owners of a company that was hitherto conducted entirely inside the confines of their own house.

For the Bhavasar family, Ronak, which operates in the food and manufacturing subsectors of the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, is much more than just a brand; it is their whole essence and passion.

What distinguishes Ronak Papad from the several other brands of papad available on the market today?

There is never a sacrifice made in terms of either the product's quality or its flavour, and it is totally crafted from organic components. The company employs only the highest-quality spices, pulses, and mustard oil in the production of its papads.

As is the case with a large number of other businesses, Ronak does not add any preservatives to its products in order to make them last longer.

Kalyug Their ideology is referred to as "Mein Satyug Jesi Sudhata," which translates to "Purity Like Satyug in Kalyug." Their primary objective is to create nothing but pure goods.

Why, if you haven't already, have you not tasted the Ronak papads? And if you try it and decide you don't like it, the company says they will give you your money back, so there's no risk.

To know more about them, visit their website Also find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Go, grab your crunchy papad right now!

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