Simplifying the Complexities of Love Marriage versus Arranged Marriage

The final frontier of "being established" in life is marriage, right? In India, the three most frequently asked questions are "Are you married? ", "Why aren't you married? ", and "When are you getting married?" Here, marriage is seen as a significant accomplishment.

Simplifying the Complexities of Love Marriage versus Arranged Marriage

If being married is the pinnacle of success in Indian culture, then the most difficult part of the process is probably finding and committing to the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life. We frequently observe that two people who have been dating for a number of years eventually part ways due to a lack of compatibility.

Sometimes, these breakups occur because of ego clashes, and other times, the pair is unable to decide whether or not they are the ideal fit for each other, which leads to indecision.

Love Marriage Versus Arranged Marriage: The Role of Relationship Management could be the best guidebook that could help an individual find a solution to this problem when they are unsure about which type of marriage is best suited for them. This book compares and contrasts two common types of marriage: love marriage and arranged marriage.

This is the first book in a series written by Ujwal Shankar, and it is the first book in a series that looks deeper into issues that are always near and dear to the hearts of young people, such as how to better understand a future life partner.

This book had its beginnings five years ago, when its author, Ujwal Shankar, provided an answer to a query posed on the question-and-answer website Quora. The question asked whether or not a potential spouse was a good match for each other.

Despite the fact that his response was only a few words long, he couldn't shake the feeling that he'd done the topic more harm than good. He was of the opinion that the inquiry required a more in-depth investigation than he was able to deliver in such a condensed amount of time.

After that, roughly a year ago, two events transpired in his life. When he was in the second year of his PhD studies at the XLRI School of Management in Jamshedpur, he decided to enrol in the Managerial Counselling Course. This allowed him to gain an understanding of the challenges that are faced by young brains.

Second, he discussed the topic of love marriage versus arranged marriage with his niece. They debated whether type of marriage was better. This discussion served as the impetus for him to create the book.

So, whether or not you are dating someone, but if marriage is in your mind and you feel need some guidance and advice- then why not just go for Love Marriage Versus Arranged Marriage: The Role ofRelationship Management?

The book is availableon Amazonin three formats- e-book, paperback, and hardcover, and you can purchase it from

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Mr. Ujwal Shankar is a working professional who hails from India and has over fourteen years' worth of demonstrated expertise in the hospitality sector. Ujwal is talented in people management and holds a bachelor's degree in law from Symbiosis Law School Pune as well as a master's degree in rural management from the Institute of Rural Management Anand (IRMA Anand). At the moment, he is attending classes at the Xavier School of Management (XLRI) in Jamshedpur in order to earn his doctorate in human resources.

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