Rudra Sahu | From Nothing to making over 2,00,000+INR p.m.

This article is about Mr Rudra Sahu, an Entrepreneur. He belongs to Jhansi, a passionate person who brings new customers to businesses using the power of social media and Facebook advertisement.

Rudra Sahu | From Nothing to making over 2,00,000+INR p.m.

Early life

Being from a middle-class family, His financial condition was not stable. Everyone in his family was suggesting him to prepare for government services, but he was very much fascinated by the term ‘entrepreneur’, becoming a successful entrepreneur was his dream.


“My family is my strength especially my mom and my brother they supported me Throughout my journey”


It all started in 2015, Rudra completed his high school in Jhansi, he was just 15 and was not aware of life, with so many suggestions and pressure, he completed his Polytechnic from government College at Madhya Pradesh. But he started understanding life and the rat race going around us for becoming doctors and engineers. He doesn’t want to be one of those.


“He understands that your degree doesn’t matter a lot what matters are your skill sets”


In 2019, he took a drop for a year and started working on his skill sets like communication skills, public speaking skills, video creation skills and so much more. He has tried his hands on so many different things like blogging, YouTube, video creation, Facebook ads and a lot more which failed miserably, He was directionless at that particular point in time.


In 2020, Rudra got his mentor Rahul Bhatnagar, with the help of him he started his entrepreneurial journey, he heavily invested in upgrading his skill sets under him.


Rudra is pursuing his graduation in BTech EX from RGPV Bhopal he is in the third year of his graduation with overall 86.4 CGPA


he says “lockdown was the golden period” for him because he always wanted to work upon his skill set and he has done that.


In 2021, his unbreakable efforts started giving results, he closed his first real estate client of 50,000 INR per month, he got 290+ buyer leads for a real estate client and sold 4 properties in just 72 hours(worth ₹1crore each) recently he has closed his biggest deal worth $2000 along with his friend Arun. Now, He has become a successful content creator who is sharing content regarding marketing, communication skills & so on.


He believes “success is not the destination, it’s a journey” to become successful, you have to face the path of failure.


Rudra Sahu believes that your efforts never fail either you win or you learn, his goal is to add a lot of value to business owners by helping them get more client's.

If you are stuck or directionless, start investing in your skill sets(I assure you that it is the best investment you would do in your entire life), take imperfect actions and be consistent with patience you will get the desired results.


He says, “this is just the beginning of my journey”.



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LinkedIn:- Rudra sahu

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