Strips Joins Hands with Gurusrinivas G for the Launch of 'The Incomplete Fear’.

In a spectacular event that brought together literary luminaries and aficionados from around the world, best-selling author Gurusrinivas G unveiled his much-anticipated second book, ‘The Incomplete Fear’ amidst much fanfare. The book launch was organized by Griffin Publication, a renowned name in the world of publishing, and was conducted online with eminent Guest Speakers that included esteemed personalities from Motivational Strips, the world's largest writers' forum. Strips Joins Hands with Gurusrinivas G for the Launch of 'The Incomplete Fear’.

Motivational Strips has been a great associate with Griffin Publication in launching all the books published by Griffin.

Born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, Gurusrinivas G has already achieved best-seller status with his first book, 'The 10 X Wheel of Life,' a testament to his literary prowess and ability to resonate with readers on a profound level. Working in the corporate sector, the author has skillfully balanced his professional life with his passion for writing, proving that creativity knows no boundaries.

Gurusrinivas G's journey towards spiritual enlightenment and literary success has been guided by his revered Guruji, Biku Bodipala. This spiritual mentor has played a pivotal role in the author's life, guiding him on a path of spiritual evolution and self-discovery.

The event was graced by the presence of several prominent figures from Motivational Strips, who added a touch of grandeur and literary excellence to the evening. Shiju H Pallitazeth, the founder of Motivational Strips, a celebrated best-selling author, and an inspiring speaker from Oman, was among the notable guests. Mr. Pallitazeth's extensive experience in the world of literature and motivation has made him a guiding light for aspiring authors and poets.

Joining Mr. Pallitazeth was Barbara Enrentreu, an award-winning poet, accomplished author, and an executive member of Motivational Strips. Ms. Enrentreu, who hails from the USA, is not only a prolific writer but also a renowned radio host, making her a multifaceted talent in the world of literature.

Melisa Begley, an award-winning poet and the host of various poetry platforms, also graced the occasion with her presence. Ms. Begley, who hails from the USA, has made significant contributions to the poetry community and is an executive member of Motivational Strips.

Dawa Drukpa, a prominent author from the picturesque nation of Bhutan and an esteemed educationist, added an international touch to the event. His presence highlighted the global reach of Gurusrinivas G's work and the significance of his latest book.

Gurusrinivas G, the author of ‘The Incomplete Fear’, expressed his gratitude to Griffin Publication and the Motivational Strips family for their unwavering support throughout his literary journey. He also shared insights into the inspiration behind his new book and the personal growth he experienced while penning it.

‘The Incomplete Fear’ promises to be a literary masterpiece that will inspire and captivate readers worldwide. With its poignant storytelling, profound wisdom, and lyrical prose, Gurusrinivas G's latest creation is set to leave an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

The ultimate goal of this book is to show a way to live a contentful life throughout the journey between life and death and be in the present moment for most of the time without any fearful anxieties and recover from mental disturbance in the shortest time; this book will act as a framework to fallback in case we have disturbance in focusing on the present.

Furthermore, this book will lead you toward self-realization and teach you to devote time to self-care and progress by focusing on the present moment rather than living in fear thinking about the uncertainties of the future. The pages of the book will lead us to embrace peace and calmness and thus pave the way to make society peaceful.

In a heartwarming message, Gurusrinivas G emphasized, "It will be a wonderful moment if everyone on the planet thinks as if we live in One world, we are One family and we have One future. We will not have wars anymore. For that to be a reality, we need to start with ourselves, and not only enhance our awareness about life within us but also let people know how to enhance positive life around us."

The heartwarming moment of the evening was the author’s mother Mrs Sudha Gurunamasivayam’s words expressing her proud moment and joy on her son’s accomplishments.

Griffin Publication, known for its commitment to nurturing and promoting talented authors, expressed its enthusiasm for being a part of this remarkable book launch event. The publication house remains dedicated to providing a platform for emerging and established authors to share their voices with the world.

The event concluded with a book photography session, where Gurusrinivas G had the opportunity to express his gratitude and pose with his book thus leaving the audience inspired and eager to delve into the pages of the book, which promises a transformative journey through the power of words.

The book ‘The Incomplete Fear’ is available on Amazon worldwide both as paperback and eBook.

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