Is there a Secret Tunnel on Pune's Parvati Hill ?

Introduction: Author Niranjan Mudholkar discloses that a hidden tunnel connects the renowned Parvati temple in Pune with the ancient Shaniwar Wada. According to his novel The Kingdom of God, the solution to a tremendous riddle is concealed within this tunnel. Read this informative interview to learn more...

Is there a Secret Tunnel on Pune's Parvati Hill ?

Your novel ‘The Kingdom of God’ talks about a secret tunnel that runs from the Parvati Hill in Pune to the Shaniwar Wada mansion. Is it based on truth?

It is based on folklore! And as one of my characters in the novel says, ‘Folklores are inspired by truth but coloured with fantasy’. Well, I have been to Parvati Hill numerous times and every time I have been there, my belief in the secret tunnel has grown stronger. In fact, I have spoken to literally dozens of people who are absolutely sure that the secret tunnel exists! And I don’t doubt them at all. However, the evidence can be discovered only after thorough archaeological investigation if the authorities allow it.

One of the key characters in your novel is an archaeologist, isn’t it?

That’s right. Vallabh Bharadwaj is an archaeologist and he has a strong connection with places of historical significance in the city of Pune, including with the Shaniwar Wada and the Parvati Hill.

So does he find anything at those two places?

Yes, he does find some of the answers that he is looking for at these two places. To know what and how, please read ‘The Kingdom of God’. Believe me; you will enjoy the journey and the adventure that Vallabh Bharadwaj undertakes. In fact, destiny takes him all the way to a faraway island. And that’s where Vallabh discovers the adventure of his lifetime.

Where is this island located and why does Vallabh go there?

I cannot reveal the exact location of this island otherwise I would be giving away the story of the novel to you! The reason Vallabh goes there is because he is on the run from certain evil people who are chasing him. They are after a key that they believe Vallabh is carrying with him. Only this key can open an ancient box that contains certain mysterious items.

So, your novel is also about the journey of the ancient box. What does this box contain, a treasure or some magical objects?

Yes, The Kingdom of God is about the journey of an ancient box. To know what is inside this box, you will have to read the novel. But what it contains is far more valuable than any other treasure in this world. Is it magical or powerful? Well, it is for the readers to decide.

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