Founded by Shivam Madaan, Hindustan Metro to become the leading digital news serving credibility and reliability

With the pace of change rising every year, journalism has taken a whole new turn. Today, journalists are constantly evolving with the latest technological shift and advent of digital media. Having a sound knowledge of the workings of algorithms, new changes or features gives you the first-mover advantage and creates the most effective marketing campaigns for you and your company.

Founded by Shivam Madaan, Hindustan Metro to become the leading digital news serving credibility and reliability

Reigning the media industries all across Punjab ever since 2009, Shivam Madaan has alleviated
more than thirty media publications to turn to digital mode. His keenness to learn and passion
to change has led him to start his own digital news venture ‘’.

Co-founded by Rishab Madaan, it is a platform for the aspiring journalists and writers to express
their views and opinions and shape the future through latest insights and news. The platform
gives the latest happenings and events in the most interesting and captivating manner.

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, digital platforms have become the new way of getting
information. As a result, Hindustan Metro will keep you updated throughout by spreading
information that is reliable and credible.

Be it Abhishek Kapoor, Sanjay Lunia, Shagun Sharma, or other prominent writers, the platform
will hold extensive research and information shared by these visionary writers who have years
of experience in the field.

Earlier, Shivam has also incepted a successful digital marketing agency named, ‘Digital Pitaara’ and news ventures ‘The daily beat’. Crediting to his tireless efforts, he got certified on Google as a
digital marketer and digital journalist from Facebook Journalism Project.

He gradually began to serve media houses for their digital needs by optimizing their social handles with his digital marketing company, Digital Pitaara. Today, Shivam has become a recognized name in the journalism field with his visionary approach and forward-thinking.

In the words of the humble Journalist “The audience’s love and support has given me the
courage to move ahead with my two ventures successfully with utmost conviction, and this is
the most prized possession that I own which is beyond any award to be cherished forever”

Hindustan Metro- Your only credible news platform Hindustan Metro is one of the most updated and encouraging news websites in today’s era that covers Indian content. It is one of the most spoken digital news platforms that add value and motivation to the stories of all the personalities including authors, entrepreneurs, pioneers, singers and so on from all around the world. publishes innovative news articles on a daily basis offering everything from sports to entertainment with an engagement of over millions of readers all across the globe. Having said that, the platform will garner much recognition for being the topmost digital news platform to keep its readers entertained and
engaged throughout.



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