Do you want to give your child, age 7 or older, a cognitive and memorization edge? Clarifies Kavya Mohindroo

“One book, one pen, one child, and of course the correct assistance can change the world. Every youngster is gifted. They just unwrap their things at different times.” Our protagonist here is this very child who is highly gifted and hardworking at the same time.

Do you want to give your child, age 7 or older, a cognitive and memorization edge? Clarifies Kavya Mohindroo

Kavya Mohindroo, who is just 12 years old, is one of the youngest Coaches, Speedcubers, YouTubers, Authors, Entrepreneurs, and Digital Content Creators of today's digital and knowledge peak age. She has written books, launched businesses, and created YouTube videos.

She is on a unique MISSION to EMPOWER 10,000 kids of 7+ years old boosting their Brain & Memory Power, Focus & Self-Confidence with her Rubik's Cube Mastery Training programmes and help Parents RAISE their Kids to RISE with Success Mindset, Habits and Skills. She is also on a unique MISSION to EMPOWER 10,000 kids of 7+ years old boosting their Brain & Memory Power, Focus & Self-Confidence with her

Children older than seven years old may have the desire to take part in contests and challenges all over the world, or they may simply want to improve their recollections. The purpose of Kavya Mohindroo's endeavour is to assist in advancing their provisional cause.

According to reports from the World Health Organization (WHO), the most common types of psychiatric disorders affecting children and adolescents range in prevalence from 8.1% to 34.7%. These disorders include attention deficit, learning disorders, a lack of focus and concentration, underdeveloped motor skills, and cognitive growth.

Children and adolescents over the age of seven who are addicted to blinking displays and beeping devices, or who have challenges connected to focus or loss of learning, may benefit significantly from the Kavya's goal.

Kavya is of the opinion that playing games like puzzles is a fantastic method to exercise the minds of young children. Her goal is to help children over the age of seven by teaching them how to solve a 3x3 Rubik's Cube. This will help them build up their mechanisms to reduce anxiety, improve lost focus and concentration, nourish motor skills and memory muscles, improve visualisation, cognitive growth, and overall personality.

She is by nature an introvert, but she appears to have pulled the curtain just enough to demonstrate her ability to dominate the world in a variety of different ways.

Her 3x3 Rubik's Cube Mastery Group Coaching, 1-1 Programs, and Online Courses have helped more than one hundred students aged seven years and older become proficient at solving the cube.

It is important to highlight her long list of achievements as well as her never-ending quest to carve out a unique and powerful identity for herself in this highly competitive world. The following is a list of some of her accomplishments that have garnered her much praise despite her tender years.

In March of 2021, I passed the exam to become a Certified SpeedCuber.

Invited as the Guest of Honor at the Award Distribution Ceremony for the 5th Delhi State Cubing Championship, which was conducted by the Delhi Cube Association (DCA) on November 14th, 2121.

At the 6th Delhi State Cubing Championship 2022, which was held offline on the 30th of April 2022 and was organised by the Delhi Cube Association (DCA) and the Indian Cube Association, I solved the 2x2 cube in five seconds and earned the 2nd Runner-up Trophy (ICA).

Founded Cubers Success Academy (formerly known as 7+ Stars Academy) with her father, Nimit Mohindroo, in order to instil a success attitude, successful habits, and skills in children aged 7 and older for the purpose of improving their future and enhancing their growth.

Produced a 3x3 grid The Rubik's Cube Mastery Beginner Level [Memory Booster Challenge] online course has more than four hours of video content and is designed for children who are at least seven years old. The goal of the course is to teach children how to solve the Rubik's Cube online from any location, at any time, using any device, and to improve their brain and memory power.

Her official YouTube channel currently hosts more than 200 videos that she has developed and released. If your children are seven or older, it's in everyone's best interest to subscribe to her channel.

Winner of the Cuber Icon Award Trophy at Cuber Mania version 2, which took place on September 11th, 2222.

An online speedcubing tournament called Cubing Conqueror 3.0 took place on August 22nd, and the winner of the Ace Cuber Award Trophy was announced.

Won two medals of excellence in gold and two medals of excellence in silver from the Cube Federation of India in the years 2021-22.

In February of 2020, she became the first author to have her work published in a collection of short stories titled "Kavya's Bag of Short Stories Vol.1," which is part of a series of books that have been published in many volumes. On Amazon, you can purchase the book in paperback or in Kindle format, depending on your preference.

She was one of the Top 100 Best Letter Writers chosen from entries submitted to the "Letter to My Supermom" writing competition that was held across India by J K Paper Ltd.

In addition to that, she was included as a Participating Author and Special Invitee in the anthologies "Never Cease to Amaze" and "Golden Apples of God," all of which were published in 2021.

She was selected as the winner of the Spin-A-Story competition, which was held by the NewsShuttle twice-monthly newspaper for children.

Winner of the Story Scholarship awarded by Droomplanet and Tickling Tales for their storytelling competition, Tell-A-Tale.

Featured on the Droomplanet app for her story "Zibaro, The Wonder Dog," which earned her the title "Recognized Star Storyteller."

The Talking Tales Storytelling Competition (for children ages 10 to 13), which was run by NewsShuttle in conjunction with Beyond The Box, was given an honourable mention by the judges.

The story of Kavya is also one of steadfast faith; as a young author and coach, she has developed a strong sense of self-assurance in the stories she tells and the creative works she produces. Kavya put her 'confidence troubles' on the opposite and focused on what made her distinct and rare. This is in contrast to the universal situation, in which everyone is busy negatively impacting each other.

When she released her debut story in 2019, everyone admired her, and she received a lot of positive feedback. At the age of nine, she was able to transform herself into a self-assured author thanks to the support of her family, particularly her father, who encouraged her to compile seven of her short fairy tales into a book.

The first time she saw her book, Kavya's Bag of Short Stories, published in physical form was a life-changing experience for her. Her ambition of becoming a storyteller came true, which boosted her self-assurance and helped her overcome her anxiety before being on stage and her dread of being in front of the camera. Today, she looks forward to getting in front of the camera and sharing her story with sparkling eyes that are full of self-assurance. This brings her a great deal of joy.

To quote her directly, she stated,

"Before the book was published, I was just a typical young girl like many other children; I studied, I played, I watched TV, and I played video games. But now, only because of the faith that my father exhibited in me and because of the support that he gave me, I became a storyteller, an author, which altered my life into one that is intriguing.

Therefore, it is fairly clear that children may perform miracles that even adults will think twice about carrying out if they are given a little assistance and the appropriate amount of passion.

The years of childhood are a really special time, full of wondrous changes that can lay the foundation for an entirely different adulthood. Kavya is an incredible role model for all of those young people who have the ability to see their full potential and make a difference in the world.

Participating in her 3x3 Rubik's Cube Mastery Online Program, which is a Memory Booster Challenge, is a great way to show your support for her cause. The challenge was developed especially and especially for children aged 7 and older. Please visit this link for further information regarding the competition.

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