CG Logistic Invests in Innovative Supply Chain Optimisation and Efficiency Technologies - Neetu Khandelwal

CG Logistics, one of the most prominent providers of logistics and supply chain solutions, has announced a substantial investment in cutting-edge technology with the goal of optimising its supply chain activities and boosting productivity. A significant portion of the entity's annual budget has been allocated to this investment to ensure that it is at the vanguard of innovation in logistics and supply chain management.

CG Logistic Invests in Innovative Supply Chain Optimisation and Efficiency Technologies - Neetu Khandelwal

The investment made by CG Logistics is comprised of the application of cutting-edge software and automation techniques designed to streamline logistics procedures, improve inventory management, and increase overall operational efficiency. The investment in technology would allow CG Logistics to continue to provide exceptional services and help to its customers while also driving major cost savings around its supply chain network.

"We are continuously searching for ways to innovate and develop our logistics activities, and this investment in technology is a vital step towards accomplishing that goal," said Neetu Khandelwal, COO of CG Logistics. "By executing these new techniques and processes, we could optimise our activities, decrease expenses, and offer even better service to our customers."

The new technology will help the company achieve the following objectives:

Improvement in inventory accuracy and prominence: With the application of advanced inventory management software, CG Logistics would be able to correctly track inventory levels in real-time, decreasing the risk of stockouts and delays.

Increase real-time tracking and checking of shipments: CG Logistics will be able to observe shipments at each phase of the supply chain, offering customers current information on their shipments and supporting the company to proactively respond to any matter that takes place.

Optimisation of route planning and scheduling for maximum efficiency: The company will use advanced route planning software for the purpose of optimising delivery routes, decreasing travel time, fuel expenses, and emissions.

Reduce expenses and improve operational performance: Through reformation of logistics procedures, enlightening inventory management, and optimising route planning, CG Logistics predicts major cost savings that would support the ability of company to provide more competitive pricing to its consumers.

All the above improvements will support CG Logistics in continuing to offer industry-leading logistics solutions that support customers in improving their own supply chain operations and achieving business success.

CG Logistics is a prominent provider of logistics and supply chain solutions, providing businesses of all sizes in a number of industries. With a dedication to exceptional service and an emphasis on innovation and techniques, CG Logistics provides customised logistics services designed to satisfy the distinct requirements of each consumer.

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