Master Akashic Records Reading: Essential Tips to Get Started

Reading Akashic records is profound work that involves the support of angelic beings and Akashic record keepers, powerful meditative skills, and allowing your consciousness to astral travel while being protected. Siddhii, an experienced Akashic reader and healer, shares that every question you put across is crucial. Clearing out one condition or repetitive cycle of events can take up to three months to completely resolve with Akashic records readings and healings.

Master Akashic Records Reading: Essential Tips to Get Started

Siddhii is the founder of the Celestial Dragons Healing System and has empowered more than 10,000 people with her readings, healings, and teachings. Her insights into Akashic records readings are profound. She connects with many multidimensional beings such as Goddesses, Dragons, and Angels to perform all her readings and healings.

According to Siddhii, there are many Akashic Masters such as Goddess Guan Yin, Cosmic Dragons, Archangel Metatron, and many other Devas. In her Akashic records classes, she generously teaches about these masters, provides their attunements, and guides students through a detailed study of soul plans and powerful healings through Akashic records. Her profound teaching has helped many students find transformative solutions to life problems. Her wisdom in the area of soul contracts and healing is unparalleled.

If you are someone who has tried many things to heal your soul contracts and failed, try healing with Akashic to bring in faster results, says Siddhii. She has worked with many soul contracts to ease her life. She advises that if nothing else, start praying to Goddess Guan Yin, the goddess of the karmic board, to help bring awareness of your tangled soul contracts, and you can begin healing your relationships this way. When you choose to take up deeper work, consider Akashic readings and healings.

Planning to Take Up Akashic Records Reading Workshop? Here’s What You Need to Know:

  1. Meditative Skills: You need to have strong meditative skills.
  2. Wise Guidance: You need a very good guide who can answer deep questions from a place of wisdom.
  3. Emotional Mastery: Start mastering your emotions and feel more powerful than your problems.
  4. Dedicated Practice: Schedule a dedicated time for regular practice and upcoming work.
  5. Transformative Results: Akashic records healing may not always bring instant results but offers life-transforming outcomes.

Embark on your Akashic records journey with these essentials in mind, and unlock profound insights and healing for your soul contracts.

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