City leaves its mark on the FIFA: With the help of this maker of process cooling systems

Kolkata, often known as the "City of Joy," has achieved a lot in the last several decades. Sports are only one arena in which West Bengalis have made their mark.

City leaves its mark on the FIFA: With the help of this maker of process cooling systems

It is widely acknowledged that Kolkata is the football capital of India. People from West Bengal have a great deal of enthusiasm for football and have the game deeply ingrained in their minds and hearts. Over the course of its history, the city has seen several amazing players. Mr. Nagendra Prasad Sarbadhikari, considered the founder of modern football in India, was of Bengali descent. People in Kolkata can hardly contain their excitement as the upcoming FIFA World Cup draws ever closer. They now have ONE MORE reason to rejoice than they did before.

Once again, Kolkata has cemented its place in the annals of international football history. You did read that sentence correctly.

One business in West Bengal that specialises in the production and export of process cooling equipment is the one to thank for India's success in the FIFA World Cup. Introduce yourself to Tempcon, a Bengali company house that is managed by two young businesspeople named Soumo Roy and Soma Dey.

Tempcon's production facility is located in the Kasba Industrial Estate in Kolkata. Each year, the company builds and sells roughly 300 industrial chillers to customers located in various areas of India and other countries. Chilling systems, also known as process chillers, are a vital component in the process of regulating both pressure and temperature parameters. They have a wide range of applications in a variety of industrial fields, including the plastics and food processing industries.

Tempcon is one of the most prominent manufacturers of chillers, and it is known for producing individualised cooling solutions that provide accurate temperature control down to -60 degrees Celsius. Their chillers are effective, favourable to the environment, and able to manage voltage variations, which promotes stabilisation in accordance with the conditions of a site. ITC, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Amul, Siemens, Adani, Wilmer, and many other multinational corporations, like these, have relied on Tempcon for years as their primary source of support for their process cooling requirements.

It is common knowledge that their chillers perform at their peak levels when housed in an area that is clean, has adequate ventilation, and in which there is no possibility of an excessive amount of dust entering the room. Tempcon incorporates pipes with precise dimensions, which control the flow of chilled water and ensure that the water in chillers is free of any contaminants. The water quality is appropriate, and the chillers operate at an efficient level, which allows the cooling systems to function properly.

Tempcon has established partnerships with a great number of well-known manufacturers, both in India and around the world. The company has been supplying chillers all over India and also regularly exports to countries in the Gulf, SARC, and Africa. Tempcon has earned CE certification, making it eligible to sell their products on the European and American markets.

Due to the great efficacy of their systems and the efficiency with which they are serviced, customers continue to make use of them even after a number of years have passed. The consistency and dependability of their products, along with the accurate temperature controls and extended shelf lives they provide, contribute to an increased level of client satisfaction.

The recent success of Tempcon has not only brought pride to the state of West Bengal, but to all of India.

In preparation for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, they shipped fourteen chillers of varying capacities. The environment created by this extraordinary gift would be conducive to a terrific experience being had by both the football players and the fans. Because Mr. Soumo and Mrs. Soma are both dedicated athletes, their happiness has no bounds thanks to the fact that they are Tempcon's power couple.

This victory did not come without a lot of hard work.

Tempcon has to contend with competition from chiller manufacturers located all over the world. The final round consisted of them competing against firms from both Europe and China. The chillers manufactured by Tempcon have proved their superior performance and their capacity to provide up to the highest requirements. This outstanding achievement is a direct outcome of their extensive prior expertise in this field as well as their extensive knowledge.

Let's get right into their quest, shall we?

The industrial process chiller manufacturer has developed into a reliable supplier of cooling solutions over the course of the past 38 years as the company has grown. In the beginning, Tempcon was just a simple air conditioning repair service operating out of a garage on Ballygunge circular road in Kolkata. The garage belonged to Mr. Tapan Roy.

Their competence in providing individualised cooling solutions for a variety of industrial sectors, such as pharma, food processing, and plastic, has resulted in an increase in the number of customers located all over the world. The expansion of their market was helped along by the fact that their chillers lasted for a long time. Everything that happened helped prepare the route for their achievement. Today, Tempcon exports chillers all over India, to a total of 18 nations and counting, and the company is continually growing.

The continuous success of Tempcon, which was founded with the mission of becoming a global leader in the development of highly effective, environmentally responsible, and innovative solutions for cooling systems, serves as an illuminating example for many entrepreneurs in India. They emphasise that there is no beginning that is too insignificant for having an effect that will last. This accomplishment marks the beginning of a bright future for this chiller manufacturing based in West Bengal. In the not-too-distant future, Tempcon will be engaged in a variety of different activities.

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