Discover the destination - Ryde easy app.

The easiest way to plan & organize your trips with Rydeeasy app.

Discover the destination -  Ryde easy app.

A car is like an own car through RydeEasy app. Owning a car isn't for everyone. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and at a high price. The next best option is to rent a car, which is not only cheaper but also hassle-free because you don't have to pay for additional expenses such as maintenance, road tax and more. We offer premium rental cars for any and every occasion. You can even say, it's better than owning a car.

Rydeeasy makes it happen for all the common man to enjoy with his family and friends, owning a car without spending huge money.  A common man can plan independent travel at any budget according to his feasibility, that's why we are providing the "Self Driven Rent with a cab" service with minimal documentation formalities.  The happiness of a common man is the prime motto.

How we are different than another car rental - 

Everybody can avail cars through the Rydeeasy app which is available in the Google play store. Rydeeasy App helps rental car bookings, finding places such as exotic locations, Hospitals, Labs and pharmacies, Hotel Bookings and all types of Ticket bookings.

Once after installation, everybody can avail of the service through hassle-free documentation uploads for further proceedings and processings. 


Rydeeasy app provides self-driven rent with a cab at an affordable cost and in minimal documentation procedures to avail the services.  Our prime attraction is providing self-driven rent a cab in remote locations too along with the express services.

Not just a holiday- Discover the destination -  Ryde easy app.

Rydeeasy app planning to launch the app across Pan India, soon Mr. Gishin the founder will be launching the Rydeeasy app for quick access to bookings and delivery.

About Rydeeasy 

Rydeeasy is an automotive division of Yeghna Cars India Pvt Ltd.

 Currently, RydeEasy app provides self-driven rental cars with the strength of 100 cars. Yeghna cars India pvt Ltd planning to expand Rydeeasy by adding 1000 more cars including EV, to reach out the services on war foot basis.

Organising Your Next Trip is Going to be a Breeze

Future projects include launching our brand and services into the global market economy as well as eco-friendly manner.  EV stations and auto garages will be started pan India and by 2024 Rydeeasy will be fully equipped with EV cars with massive 1000 units to make the clients availing hassle-free services. Moreover, customer wellness programs will be introduced.  Rydeeasy will be introducing attractive packages for foreigners in the projection of untouched exotic locations of the country which helps in revenue generation of our nation.

Founder and CEO- Rydeeasy Mr. Gishin

Rydeeasy plan arose from a common man's perspective while thinking about leisure trips or emergency travels. For a common man instead of depending on taxi cabs, he/she can avail a car independently according to the situations, which suits all the occasions in everybody's life. The founder of Rydeeasy Mr. Gishin started the plan to avail self-driven rent cab services, currently available by different providers in metros. Instead of launching this project in metros, he developed an idea of launching into remote areas, planned, executed, and now running successfully and smartly in different locations. This can be defined in another way as "An unwritten story of an IT professional planned and executed in a smarter version ". The unique way of thinking developed the untouched business areas which help in travel and tourism which plays a vital role in the financial stability of the country. While asking a question whether this plan worked in remote areas, we can undoubtedly say as "YES” which created a massive change in the lifestyle of a common man on an affordable basis.

About the team strength....

As we all know the core success of an organization or a brand is a dedicated team behind the organization. Team united with a slogan of success. Different personals from various industries joined hands together to make this project a successful one. As our founder from IT, background and experience in different parts of the world added extra input, energy, and confidence to the teammates to place the unique idea into remote areas at the right time. Our crew consists of 22 members which include all the departments such as administration, Human resources, Call center, IT, Customer care, Marketing, Research and Development, Garage.

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