How you can start a side Hustle and can make Lakhs of Rupees without a Degree | Durvesh Yadav | Best Tips For College Grads

Interview With Durvesh Yadav | 10xMentor: Best Tips For College Students, How They Can Start Their Side Hustle and Can Make Lakhs of Rupees without a Degree.

How you can start a side Hustle and can make Lakhs of Rupees without a Degree | Durvesh Yadav | Best Tips For College Grads

Yes, What you read is 100 percent True, and I Want You To Stay and Read till the end if you want to know how you too can do the same.

 If you are reading this sentence right now, then I am 100% sure that Either you are a student or you are someone who wants to earn cash. Right? Then You Reading the Right Story.

 This Interview With Durvesh Will Gives You So Many Insights On How You Can Start Your Side Hustle and Can Earn lakhs of Rupees.

 Because Even Durvesh Began His Journey While Studying In College, He Earned Lakhs of Rupees Without even a Degree.

 How Is It Possible? How can somebody Earn lakhs of Rupees Without a Degree?

 So, my Dear Friend, There are so many people who are earning it, But the Biggest Mistake most people make is that they don’t even believe that someone or they can earn without a degree, and that’s why they are unable to do it.

 Their most common belief is that they can’t become successful without a degree, and it stops them from achieving success,

 And even Durvesh’s friends and college mates thought the same and most of them are waiting to get a job because for them it’s not possible what people like Durvesh are doing.

 And that’s Why it’s Important For You All to Learn From This…

 So Here are Few out of many of the Interview Questions and His Answers.

 1st Question: Durvesh, While Most People or Students In This Pandemic Are Jobless, How Have You Managed to earn Lakhs of Rupees?

 The Answer - You See, I Understand That Covid Has Impacted a lot of people this year. But In these tough times, where all people are busy thinking about covid and jobs - There is also a certain community of people who earned lakhs of Rupees.

 So Why Is It Possible for them? So The Answer Is - Market Shift, You See, Earning Money has Never Been a Problem. It’s adapting to the market needs and requirements, which most people are not doing, and even Colleges or schools are also not preaching or teaching, and that’s why they don’t get a job or are unable to earn.

 So I Recommend Everyone To Focus On Where The Market is Moving and Then Learn The Latest Skills Which Can Add Value To The Market.

 Because it’s Very Simple, No Company or Individual is going to pay you if you can’t become an asset for that company or individual.

 So What does an Asset means? So The Asset Means Which Helps the Company or the Individual to generate more revenue. So, If you can Help Someone and can Become an Asset Instead of a Liability, you will always earn money.

 And If you can’t help then forget about Job or Making Money, The World Is Rapidly Changing - Nobody is Going To Pay you for Manual Labor, Robots are going to take over your place for the same work.

 So, Learn The Skills Which are Relevant to and needed by The market.

 2nd Question: Durvesh, So What Type of Skills Should People Learn, and Where is The Current Market Shifting?

 The Answer: See, This Current Market Is Shifting Towards Digital, This New Decade Is Going to Even come up with more opportunities, There is a lot of market in this Space, and You can earn money online or Digitally in an easy way.

 There are a lot of Online Business Skills that You can learn.


 Website Designing

 Graphic Designing

 App Development

 Video Making


 Coaching| Consulting

 Social Media Management.

 And So many More, You are Just a Google Search Away.

 And these are not technologically impossible things, these are very easy to learn, and anyone can start after their 9 to 5 college or Job.

  Question 3: What is the Potential of The Online Market, and How Much Money Can People Make out of these Skills?

 The Answer - You see, These skills and Businesses have a lot of Potential. But It Actually Depends on How You Can Use them? How Do you Plan To Make a Business Model?

 Initially, Everyone starts as a Solopreneur. But With a Business Mindset, You Slowly and Gradually Build an Actual Business.

 So There is No limit on How much you can Earn. You can earn as low as 5 to 10k and as high as crores of Rupees.

 Well, Durvesh It was Great talking to you and knowing That You Are Doing So Great. And Thanks for Giving your time To Inc91 Media and To Share Your Insights…

 I am sure it will help guide so many young people to become successful.

 Thank Durvesh, We Need More People Like You.

 And You My Dear Friends, I Hope You Have Learnt something Good With This Interview.

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